A wise man once told me….

“NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU MAD OR SAD….your in control of your own emotions, you have to choose to let them”

…..I’m in control….

If you know me you know I LOVVVVVVVVEEEEE QUOTES. My brothers always said it’s like graffiti in my house 😂HERE ARE MY top 10 quotes that I turn to to keep my mindset right and help me to CHOOSE to be happy!

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When in doubt SMILE AND CHOOSE HAPPY” – tia

This last one was given to me bay my mom and dad when I was teenager….it has really gotten me through some of my toughest times!! ⭐️ I love the reminder that this life is only between me and GOD anyway 🧡 don’t forget YOUR IN CONTROL…

Thanks for reading I hope these words help you through your life! I would love to hear your favorites down below!!!

Never forget how AMAZING YOU ARE

Say it….” I AM AMAZING”