Guess whose birthday week it is???

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Yep, you guessed it Mazes 5th birthday!!!

Something special about Maze. Our Maze came at a special time for me and my family. He was born September 1st 2013 and my dad passed away September 10th 2013 just 9 days later. 😭 Talk about bitter sweet…and postpartum depression at a whole new level…My whole pregnancy with Maze my dads health was going down hill. We spent a lot of time with my dad at that time in the hospital and rehabs just being with him while the boys were at school.

We pretty much spent my whole pregnancy spending as much time as we could with my dad. During this time I was still dancing, performing, traveling to teach and running my business with a family and Maze was just a trooper baby in my belly and just went along for the whole crazy ride it was pretty AMAZING😳 hence why we named him “Andrew Maze Stokes” A-Maze! Little did we know his name would mean so much more and we would need his Amazing little spirit for one of the hardest times in my life.

When Maze was born my Dad just so happened to be in the rehab right above the labor and delivery which was pretty profound since he had been moving from rehab to rehab the last year. It was a blessing he was right there. My siblings wheeled my Dad down to my room and he got to hold Maze but by this time he was in a stroke state and couldn’t do much but their spirits were connected and they knew one another ❤️

the next 9 days were crazy, emotional and the most spiritual experience. All 7 of my brothers and sisters and our families stayed at my sister Irene’s house spending those last days with my dad…all the while this little new spirit comforted us, gave us eternal perspective and brought happiness to us all💜

Through something that yes could have caused some serious Postpartum depression…Maze helped me to look on the bright side, bring me out of the dark, see the light and comfort me through those hard days…he helped me💕

Still to this day he helps me….he is my little homie who wants to stay home everyday and “babysit Mom” and every night his GRATEFUL is “Mom” and every HIGHLIGHT of his day is “loving mom” I’m pretty sure that day my dad held him he told Maze to take care of me…it’s so crazy that he likes me so much seeing how I live with all boys 😂

Dad & Maze Tender Mercies:

One day Maze and I were watching the movie “SING” and if you know my dad he was a singer and sang at all of my dance shows and performed everywhere. While we were watching Sing, in the movie the little mouse sings the song “my way” while he’s singing Maze says “Mom this is grandpas song” 😭 he was right my dad sang that song all the time but Maze never heard him sing…. #connected

Another time

I was having a really hard time and I was just pleading with my dad “why” and just wanting to quit everything…I remember crying and just pleading. I took Maze to the park that day to get some air. Maze found a painted rock in the sand that said “you are loved” he brought it over to me and said “mom this is for you” 😭 I knew then that was my dad working through Maze again for me 🧡 #connected

It’s just a testament to me that the other side is so close, aware of us and will help us in our times of need💕 and can do so much for us on the other side.

We love our Maze and know that he came at this time to help his mama! He brings so much joy, love, fun and laughs to our family! We are so grateful he chose our family and so excited to watch him grow up!

🍭Happy birthday week buddy🍭

Thanks for reading always remember your amazing… SAY IT “I am amazing”



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