Hey hey I’m Tia and my boys and I made the big move to Utah County back in May for this sport called Football…Andy my husband is the New Head football coach at TimpView high school and THE SEASON IS UPON US!

We had our first pre season game in California against the #1 Team in the Nation St. John Bosco😱 this weekend.

If you know my husband he loves a challenge and always takes on the hardest teams for pre season so he can prepare his kids for the season….this alwYs makes me sick…Andy always wants to give his kids the best learning experience to grow. As for me I’m A HOTMESS just praying no one gets hurt😆

As for this first game of our TimpView season…it was a great experience for all of us!! We lost 49-0 eek but let’s consider the source…YES this is me being “the coaches wife” 😂 !

St. John Bosco:

#1 in the Nation

18 returning starters

Ummmm they look like grown men

They recruit BIGTIME cuz they can:)

And did I mention #1 in the Nation 😳


Andy just barely became the coach in April

Rebuilding a new program

Tons of new transfers

And still growing and learning together!


This team wAs scary I would have pooped myself if I was them 😂 the experience was awesome and how often can you say “I played the #1 team in the Nation?!” I hate seeing Andy sad and feeling like he let his kids down…that’s a hard part about being a coaches wife.

We had so much support and got to see family we hadn’t seen for a while!! So it was all good and a lot was learned!

We still made the best of it and went to the BEACH !!!

•••My Striped one piece I’m In love with the fit and colors❤️

The #1 Question I get asked alll the time

“How is it being the Coaches wife?”

Since I like to keep this space and my platforms all real…I’d have to say

“it’s gotten easier”

Andy has been coaching since we got married and I definitely knew what he was when I married him…I knew I was not his only love but that’s why I Loved him❤️ I loved that he wAs passionate about something and driven to become better at something besides just work and money like most adults 🤪 I loved that he cared about the youth and really wanted to help and change their lives! When we got married he had a boy living with him who had no where to go when he graduated a youth program so Andy took him in❤️ So yep we had a teenager right from the git go and ever since then our home has always been filled with boys and teenage boys that aren’t our own but become like one of ours ❤️

YES , we have gotten in many fights over “you love football more than me” blah blah blah…and YES, we have gotten in many fights about ” you are at the field and watching film that long?!” Blah blah blah YES, fights over “high school football does not pay the bills” blah blah blah YES, fights over “these aren’t even your kids you care about them more than us” blah blah blah.

Trust me you name it…we have fought over it having to do with THE GAME🏈.

So why do I continue to deal with it and allow my husband to dedicate sooooo much time to this sport?!


All of these fights we have grown from and learned from and have gotten so much better from ❤️ and have made us closer!

All 4 of my boys have been raised on the football field…we have spent many nights under the lights with dad as a family creating so many good memories with Big Brothers that they will have forever! We LOVE OUR BOYS…they become like ours❤️ our lives would not be the same w/out them. We have so many memories of late night game nights, roasting marshmallows , BBQs, service projects and mission farewells that will live in our memories forever!

Marriage advice

I LOVEEEEEE watching my husband do something he loves…if I could give one marriage advice to all young married couples….”Keep doing what you love” after all you met each other and were attracted to each other doing that passion ❤️ it builds his confidence, makes him happy, continues to challenge him, teach him and continue to help him be better all the way around and in return he helps our family! He is a better Dad, husband and Man because of it!! And he’s “LIVING” not just existing! Let your spouse do WHAT THEY LOVE…intact encourage it❤️ don’t take it away that’s who they are and a part of how you fell in love.

Really it’s made me better❤️ I have learned to let him do his thing and just SUPPORT. I’m still learning and not perfect but After all he does for me from dancing to traveling to blogging to all of my other crazy ideas I can support his ONE thing! He deserves that❤️

That’s the life of THE COACHES WIFE…I stand on the sidelines at games , the boys are like my kids, THE HOUSE may never be picture perfect or smell like Scentsy candles and family dinner may be Taco Bell, McDonalds or Little Caesar’s on the field but our ❤️s will always be filled with so many good memories and an instant moving crew when ever we need it😂 jk.

Thank you for reading and being here!!

Never forget how amazing you are

Say it….” I AM AMAZING”