Let your smile change the world , don’t let the world change your smile💫

~Some women put on retreats, conferences, dance parties etc and Those are all awesome! My team and I put on Benefit Concerts for those in need in hopes to inspire, uplift and motivate everyone who comes to a show to live a life of service through using our God given talents✨

Last weeks concert for Ana was incredible! If you are never been to a Kalamity concert before….put it on your To-Do list! The spirit felt is AMAZING✨

This was our first time putting on a Kalamity concert in another city besides Southern Utah! I was a wreck!

Before we moved here my team and I had talked about putting on a show up here and spreading the message and now it was here 😱 crazy!

It was amazing seeing all the people who came together for Ana!

TimpView football players sold tickets and learned a dance to perform. TimpView parents baked bake goods and volunteered to help!

The Vault FAMBAM came all the way up from St. George to perform and volunteer at the show. My heart was so full of love and shock that they would all do that for someone they didn’t even know.

That’s what’s sooo cool!

People are Good, soooo good”

Regardless of all the last minute change of Performances , sprained ankles, toes torn open the night before, broken pinky toes nothing was going to hold us back from doing what we do…THE SHOW MUST GO ON FOR ANA❤️ thank you Dr. Jori for keeping us altogether!

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO our special guests who made the drive up with us to perform!

Gabe Adams

Annie Berry

Jeff Hauck

So grateful to have these inspiring performers with us along with

Lime light dance who also performed with us!!

It was really an incredible night with a packed house!! We had a huge line at show time still getting people in and so many baked goods donated!! This community really pulled together for Ana!!

Andy also performed 😳 in his first show ever in the 11 years of Kalamity!!! He did amazing. I’m not gonna lie he was probably my hardest student but he stole the show!!! I was so proud of him for stepping outside of his box and doing something for someone else😄

As well as former Kalamity and Kaos members came out to perform Emilee Hauck, Kiana Stewart and Jessica Baird!

Along with my cute cousins💛

We also were able to get on the radio that same morning to share our message!

Together we raised over $7,000 in one night for Ana!

Sooooo grateful for the opportunity to bring our show and message to Utah county! It will not be the last time!!

Our dream is to make Kalamity and The Vaults message World Wide..this is only the beginning!

“Changing the world one Kalamity at a Time”

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget anyone can make a difference…….