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When Andy and I made the move to Utah County from Sunny St. George for a High school football job we knew we had a bigger purpose there and we were and are determined to do what it HE 🙏🏽 wants us to do!

Today my ❤️ is sooooo happy because the purpose is coming true and coming to works!

As you know WE HAVE TAKEN our families “service platform” (we choose a family every year to serve, dance and play for) with us to Utah county….our Timp View football Family has chosen a cause to play for, pray for, dance for and to serve this year!

Her name is Ana Alatini , she’s 9, she has 8 siblings and she was born premature. She has had multiple surgeries on her lungs and currently has developed a hole in her lung and she needs our help! We are so excited to serve her❤️

Today our TimpView boys did their first service fundraiser for Ana and my ❤️ could explode with so much love!

They met at our house , planned the fundraiser, made signs, advertised and did all the washing. They raised $1,300 for Ana❤️ so proud of them and so touched by all of these boys efforts for Ana! #proudmama

If anything we hope these boys learn, love for others, working with a purpose and for others is always a Bigger and way better Victory then any trophy!

“Football is not life, life is a lot like football

They are just getting started!!

This coming week they will be dancing for Ana at THE GREATEST SHOW…DONT MISS IT!

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget how amazing you are!!