The Question lately: “Tia your LDS but at a southern baptist church in Texas…teaching dance?” WTHECK?

Ok soo for all my readers you know I own THE VAULT dance studio since 2011 in St. George Utah if you don’t know NOW YOU DO:) Andy and I founded and started Kalamity in 2007 a “professional dance company full of dancers 18 & over who are Moms, Dads, college students who still want to keep the passion alive but dedicate dance to families going through REAL LIFE calamity’s! The Vault dance studio followed 4 yrs later!

The Vault is a non- competitive studio that souly dances for a cause and dedicates all of our fundraisers, concerts to families fighting cancer, sudden death, in need of transplants, brain tumors….basically REAL LIFE KALAMITYS! Every year we choose a family to dance, serve and pray for! We rep them all year…the whole studio does! Since 2007 we have raised over a half a million for families in Utah! 🙌🏻

So how did we get tied into Texas with the southern Baptist Church?

So YES I am LDS. My studio is not a religion organized business but because THE VAULT and KALAMITY IS all about service, compassion and one of my DREAMS was to travel Kalamity to teach dance, perform and share our message of using our talents to serve we were given our first opportunity 3 years ago….

We met Donna Hussey whose from Texas. She was in St. George when she came to visit her daughter who was attending school in St. George. They came to THE VAULT for adult Hiphop and she loved the energy, vibe and what we stood for!

Donna decided she wanted us to come to Texas to “dance for a cause” and share our message! She talked to her church about bringing us out and other churches to be apart of their summer camps!

And good ol Jack Hall went out on a limb and brought KALAMITY out to be apart of his church’s STOMP camp!

Because Kalamity is all about SERVICE, LOVE and serving our brothers and sisters which is ultimately serving our Heavenly Father! There’s no reason why we can’t be apart of all good things (churches) in accordance with what we stand for!

We are not preaching LDS gospel doctorine or preaching southern baptist doctorine.

We are simply DANCING FOR A CAUSE and spreading our message of service through Dance! We feel so grateful to Donna and Jack for giving us the opportunity and for believing in us! We love the kids in Texas and We hope to continue many years to come and hopefully we can “Dance for a Cause” ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! 🌍

If you have any more questions I LOVE THEM!!! Ask below 👇🏽 I’ll be happy to answer!

Thanks for reading love you all❤️

+++Tell me what you want the NEXT BLOG to be about?! Family, fitness, outfits, dance etc?!? Love to hear from ya!!!

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