I just shared EXCITING NEWS on my last post check it out Here 🎉YAHOO then come back🙌🏻 The reason this is sooo big for us is because this was the biggest of my worries of leaving THE VAULT DANCE STUDIO open while we make the move to Orem! Usually I do a lot of extra things like teach HOTMESS FITNESS, CHOREOGRAPH etc. to bring in money to pay for the vault in the summer. Obviously it’s a kid business and it slows down in the summer! Also in May and December at our BIG concerts instead of keeping the ticket sells and everything we make from the concerts for the studio…we give it away to families in need! So being able to make rent as you can see is a BIG FREAKIN DEAL! 🎉 because it gives us hope, faith that WE CAN DO THIS and the LORD IS SO GOOD!

Some more exciting STOKES news:

We are documenting FUN Stokes memories in video YAY🎉 if you wanna follow he craY cray ! I love watching my boys grow…and they love watching themselves 😂 Be sure to SUBSCRIBE 😘 Tia and The Boys

I changed my IG name See it here come follow along!

We bought our house 🎉 exactly a month later

I spoke at a girls camp last week🙏🏽

LOVING our Timp View boys…it always takes me a while to get use to the new team.😌

We got a Bed 😂 thanks to Andy’s skills

We went to St. George 3xs in 1 month 😂

Did you know THE VAULT is the only studio to “dance for a cause” alll year every year? Say what?!

The Vault dance studio


4th of July with the Vault fam bam!

The 3rd road trip to St. George…We drove down for the week to lead the vault fam in the city parade it’s TRADITION! We have been doing the parade since we opened THE VAULT 7 years ago!! Its always Sooo much fun! We love our Vault FAMBAM

Hope your day Was filled with food, family and friends! ❤️

Last but not least..

Guess Friggin What??!!


We are bringing THE GREATEST SHOWMAN to Utah County on August 2nd at TimpView high at 7pm. Tickets are $5 now / $10 at the door 435-216-8974 for tickets!

Kalamity and Kaos along with our aerialist summer Davies, Pole Dancer Annie and Jeff Hauck will be making the trip to Provo to bring our show to life there!! We are sooooo excited to be able to bring this fun show and include many other Utah County talented people!

••Limelight dance studio will be joining us in many of the numbers. This is the studio that I will be teaching my adult Hiphop class at on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS!

••old Kalamity members from northern Utah will be joining us! Emilee Hauck, Laila Brown and more👋🏽

••TimpViews football team will be dancing

Andy may or may not be dancing 😉 you will have to come to find out!!!!🕺🏼

All of these amazing people coming together for a special little girl named Anna!

She is a 9yr old little girl who has had complications since birth. She has a hole in her lungs and her lungs are very infected! She has lots of medical needs and needs special care! She is always up at primary children’s hospital which is a lot of stress and strain on her family! We hope to bring lots of love and support to this sweet girl and her family at this time , this year!

Timp View football has taken on this special little girl as their cause for their season! They will be fundraising for her monthly and dedicating every game to her❤️

We are soooo STOKED to beable to bring this community together through helping out our brothers and sisters and bringing so much happiness through service!

Sooo save the date August 2nd in Utah County! We would love to see you there!

This was our Greatest show in St. George check it out!

We are so excited for this next chapter and all the many trials and new opportunities it has in store!

Never forget when things are hard, it’s for a reason! He has to stretch us, challenge us in order for us to be ready for the work he has ahead of us❤️🙏🏽

Love you alll so much!

Thank you for reading!

Never forget how amazing you are