1 MONTH💥 it has been one month for us in Utah County! I honestly still can’t believe we live here. It was always a visiting place for us and now it’s really HOME! This week set in for me I went through a little down ward spiral for a day or 2 and grateful to my Andy who picks me up and carries me until I can walk again,Hotmess fitness online that got me moving in the right direction again and my Heavenly Father I’m up right again!:).

To be honest. It’s been a huge adjustment for me the boys are doing much better than me:) but that was to be expected going from teaching, dancing, hotmess fitness everyday and a community I poured my dancing ❤️ into for the last 10 years it’s to be expected , right?! I’m normal right?!

I’m sure I will settle in and find my groove again:) I feel like I’m re creating myself…sounds funny I know 🙈

This weekend I attended The Wanna Be Balanced Event hosted by my friend Crystal Escobar and I just have to say if you don’t follow her or have not been to an event…YOU NEED TO DO BOTH! She has such a genuine, loving, spirit and is beautiful inside and out!

I met some beautiful new friends, got an awesome grab bag full of stuff, had a beautiful dinner and heard from amazing speakers like Jody Moore! She is amazing if you have not listened to her podcast, do yourself a favor and DO IT! Life changing💥

I’m going to leave my notes here…so I can reference back and you might find them beneficial too!

It’s actually kinda funny how much of this is like HOTMESS FITNESS💥

Jody Moore

❤️7 Things to a HAPPIER successful LIFE:

1. All of my feelings are created by ME…no one else! No one can make me mad, sad or happy. My feelings are created by ME!

2. Allow Me to want things and WANT BIG! get specific! It’s not selfish.

3. If you want to create a new future, you have to change your thoughts.

Believe that your going to sell it and it will sell!!

Don’t allow doubt!

4. Negative emotions is the currency to achieve our DREAMS✨

Ex: someone was sick of being hot so they created the AC. Someone was sick of walking so they created the car✨5. Negative emotion does not mean you are on the wrong track!

Negative emotion is FUEL!

Be willing…you have to become a different person!

6. Don’t confuse passive action for MASSIVE ACTION!


Put it out there!

Information I applied is suffocating.

7. What you BELIEVE you will FEEL when you reach your goal, is available RIGHT NOW!

Already BELIEV IT NOW!!!

I am a Sexy Beast NOW




ITS AVAILABLE NOW! Change your thoughts and you change your world!

I loved this event so much! It was such a refresher for me especially with all the craziness, changes in the last month!

It was a perfect way to end the week and the first month here in Orem!!

I know I needed it!! Hopefully it can help you too!!

Ok on to some FUN STUFF ANOTHER #tiaandandyfixerupper edition 😅


So on this weeks #tiaandandyfixerupper lol

It was #Demoday Yayaya!!! Andy’s favorite!

This house has no master nothin lol so we decided to take down a wall to combine 2 bedrooms to make a bigger room and a large closet for ME;)

BUT since we didn’t have a bed frame anymore And since we are on a budget Andy had the boys pull out all the nails from the wood he Demo’d out of the walls and he use the wood to make us a BED😍



I wanted white of course and simple!

I feel like just the wood alone has so much texture and story behind it!!

We also Used the closet door for the head board and the foot of the bed:) we added a shelf on the head board 😍

I love it!!!! Honestly I have a thing for old stuff I LOVE LOVE OLD houses and the history behind it all and using the walls of his house for furniture in our house is sooo special to me!

Hope you like it!!!

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget how amazing you are…SAY IT