Today is our special little Fire crackers birthday🎉 LEGEND!!! Legend is our blonde hair little twizzler. Just like his Dad!!! Here are 8 things we Love and make up Legend❤️

1. Izzack Legend Stokes Named after Isaac in the Bible Abraham’s son who was taken to be sacrificed and was so obedient and willing! We all know how the story ends😌

2. Legend loves adventure. Loves to explore and loves heights. He has no fear lol not always a good thing (mom life) if someone is going to climb it, chase it, run it , jump it…that’s legend!

3. He is the best babysitter he loves to take care of Tazz. He is such a care taker❤️

4. Legend is so sensitive to those around him who need help or need a friend! Always so nice to everyone!

5. Swimming , reading, playing football and basketball are his favorite things to do!

6. Legend is always the Life of the party!!! Outgoing, spicy and always jumping around. He’s pretty hard to keep up with!

7. Legend and Major are 20 months apart! He looks up to his brother…anything Major does, Legend does it to!!

8. Legend is so kind, loving, caring and sooo thoughtful! He loves celebrating others birthdays and surprising people with notes and gifts! He is such a fire cracker of Light in our family that keeps us on our toes! So blessed he’s ours!

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget how amazing you are…

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