It has been 3 weeks now since we have been in Orem! Crazy how time flies! We have been BUSSSSSYYYYY and loving every minute of this fixer upper process!

Andy is a rockstar he lets me choose everything, Boss him around and he just listens and says “whatever you want babe” lol I’m pretty lucky I know I know!! He has been working his tushy off to make our home beautiful and our HOME! So grateful for him!

Living room / Front entry

The Process:

– ripped up all the carpet / curtains

Baseboards. Got rid of the egg shell color

+painted the walls love this gray it’s so crisp, clean and bright! I actually got it for most of the House!

+all new base boards and casing on the door and window color is Oxford white! LOVE

+ship lap wall ❤️ free hanging shelves ❤️

+Painted the floors white ❤️

+New light fixture!

Hope you guys LIKE IT!



My room Linked👇🏽

Cactus plant / Bamboo mirror / Bamboo chair / Bamboo table / Bamboo light / Boho rug

Obviously not fully decorated but I was so stoked to share! You can see the difference already!!! Decided to keep the fireplace since it’s sooo unique! My goal was to just light up the room and make it bigger and keep that beauty the center piece!!

The Kitchen

The whole house is old and built in the 70s maybe even 60s so everything is dark and low ceilings! The whole goal was to lighten, make bigger without too much demo and on a BUDGET! Haha do the necessities and then do little things here and there through the years!!! Wanted to make it ours right off the JUMP!


sanded and cleaned the cabinets

+my sister in law and niece helped paint the cabinets white ❤️ roll or spray don’t brush

– painted the walls that beautiful gray

+ new light fixtures (2)

+laid snap together laminate wood floor ( my opinion I always LOVE more of the almost gray wood, less me especially moms you want this color!)

+new Brass handles



The Dining area

So with this being a small space too of course main goal is to make it bigger and HAPPY!!! A place to gather , talk, Bright ☀️and stay up late at night just being together!

The Process:

-ripped out the carpet and had to rip out 2 layers of wood under neath….it was the hardest of everything for Andy! Poor guy!

– took out old B.B.

+ added the brick panel wall❤️ painted it white😍❤️

+ added new B.B. and casing painted it Oxford white ❤️

+ change the light fixture

+painted the ceilings

+ painted the floors white and mod yellow❤️

+++++Andy also made this beautiful table and the bench behind it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I just love the original wood and white…I’m a sucker for light!! He’s pretty talented!!!



That’s all for now peeps! We are having a blast working on our fixer upper along with the Timp view Football life and lots of family visitors coming to stay with us!!

THANK YOU to uncle clay, Kaylin Hall, Chas Ryan and Cannon and Ammon for all the help!!!

Andy : had a birthday 🎉 and has been busy with football and camps like crazy! He loves the kids and is enjoying his time with them! When he’s home he’s working on the house! What a guy! He took us hiking this past weekend and exploring Utah county! No matter how tired he is, Andy always makes time for us and making memories!

The boys: love our neighbor hood. They wake up and go play basketball outside with the neighbors. We have kids everywhere on our street! They had their first football camp even Maze got to do it Watch them here ! Legend has a birthday this week🎉 and will be getting baptized soon!!

I: am staying busy with the house and supporting Andy any way I can! This last weekend I spoke at one of my dancers baptism.

I loved sharing my testimony of my savior Jesus Christ. I Hope to do more of that! I participated in my first event with other Bloggers in SLC. It was fun getting to know others.

The studio is still going strong Thanks to all my amazing teachers and Cam!

It’s hard because we miss our family and friends in St.George and I have serious FOMO when it comes to the studio but we are still excited for this time as a family to experience new life , make a new and have this time to GROW!

Hope your doing amaZing and don’t forget how amazing you are!

Say it…. ” I AM AMAZING”