Since this blogpost ALOT HAS HAPPENED 🧡 : it’s been shared all over the world from a few different magazines and news reporters!!! So cool that our story of hope, love, service and Motherhood is being reached all over!

‘I have a little girl, who’s not mine’

I have to say one of the coolest but hardest things I’ve ever done in my life is be an EGG DONOR but not just an egg donor but an egg donor to my good friend and then it being a little GIRL💕 (because I am a BOYMOM) and then seeing her all the time…Ok let me first start off by saying that I Don’t REGRET IT AT ALL and I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN if given the choice 🧡 but like always I want to give you my real experience.

INFACT I want to say THANK YOU…THANK YOU CHELSEA Judd for googling my dance studio 6 years ago, coming to adult Hiphop class, joining Hotmess fitness, dancing on Kalamity, being an amazing instructor at The Vault and then letting me have this amazing opportunity to be apart of bringing this little Giselle in this world who acts like me, looks just like me , who has a piece of my heart but is not mine.

If your new to my blog 2.5 years ago my good friend Chelsea was struggling with IVF on her own with her eggs. She was told that if she had an egg donor her chances of pregnancy would be ALOT HIGHER. One day at a dance rehearsal my sister jokingly volunteered me and we all laughed it off…well later that day I called Chelsea and told her I really would be the donor if she wanted but that her baby would be brown.?🤷🏽‍♀️ After lots of prayer and discussion with Steven (her husband and Andy my husband) Off I went to start the Ivf process for Chelsea’s family. I signed paper work that I barely even read…ok I didn’t read it🙈 I just knew that my friend wanted to be a Mom and this was a chance to help. I got to experience the whole birth control, pills, shots, dr. Visits, swollen ovaries , crazy mood swings , the egg retrieval, cramping, postpartum, feelings of doubt, what did I do, did I do the right thing? I mean I am human….but I knew I had down the right thing and held strong to that!

Questions I get asked all the time:

YES -it’s weird seeing a little girl that looks exactly like me but is not mine but honestly pretty cool

YES – it’s a little heart wrenching thinking is that what my little girl would look like if I had a girl?!

YES- my boys love little G, they treat her like a little sister. They totally get it!

NO- I didn’t get paid:)

NO- I don’t wish she was mine…not to sound insensitive but she isn’t mine. I’ve had to learn to take myself out emotionally and love her as my friends daughter! ADVICE to anyone considering egg donation….take yourself out! The baby is not yours🧡 your simply an instrument to the plan for that little spirit to come down to this earth! If you don’t it can be very hard.

YES- Chelsea and I’s relationship has been through a few rough times just adjusting and finding where we fit in and how to deal with emanations and feelings but honestly it’s just made us stronger friends and our love for each-other is unconditional!

To all those who have thought about being an egg donor for a friend! I’m not going to sit here at say it’s easy but like everything elSe that’s hard it’s so worth it!! Watching Chelsea be a Mom to G and being with her family brings so much joy to me. Watching little G grow up and knowing I had a part in this little girls chance to have a body puts a smile on my face. I love watching my boys interact and understand the process and know that she is their little sister in a different way and love her unconditionally! I’m excited to watch her grow up! She will always have a special place in my ❤️

I love you Chelsea THANK YOU so much for this amazing opportunity to grow as a person and stretch my strengths and to be apart of your little girls life!!

🎉🎉GUESSS WHAT?!? Chelsea is pregnant again!!!! With another TIA EGG👶🏽 isn’t that sooo exciting for their family?!? Yes very crazy she will have 2 mini Me ‘s running around now!! (Poor mama😂) I’m sure there will be more adjusting for us but like I said I UNDERSTAND THE PLAN🧡

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Thanks for reading!

All pics by: Cambria