In my life I want to be able to be REAL and always authentically me with you guys in hopes of inspiring and bringing comfort to others by sharing my own experiences! I hope you never take it as a downer but only as a Human being, Wife, Mom of 4 , entrpeneuer, living life the best that I can and sharing my experience in hopes to help another!

So let’s be real here…pregnancy is Hard, for every women and every baby it’s soooooo different and it’s not always what you see on social media💕✨🦋💐🌻✨ Daisy’s and sunshine would be boring…right?! Lol

In alll reality as much as it’s hard motherhood is the BIGGEST AND BESTEST BLESSING OF ALL!

Girls!!! Ladies!!! Women!!! Mamas!!! WE CAN CREATE A HUMAN BEING🙀 our bodies actually make another little human! Our bodies are the ONLY way we can bring down another Life into this world!

How freakin amazing is that?!

***My Look:

( shirt What really matters long sleeve / hat Be kind / Brown sandals my FAV )

Easier said than done….I know I know!

8 months after Tazz my body is not back not like 1,2 &3 and honestly that’s ok you might think I’m weird but mentally I’m in a better place and LOVE the body I have because of these things…

When my pitty party’s come on for myself my adorable husband (bless his heart) will give me a nice reality check and remind me that there are women who don’t have the opportunity to be a Mom or women who have to go through IVF treatments to get pregnant and for me to be GRATEFUL!

Thanks babe for the reality check but that’s the truth!

The reality is…our babies will not be babies for very long…Enjoy the time NOW! Let’s Stop obsessing over our bodies and start APPRECIATING THEM! Love the Body that gave your child Life!

At the end of the day no one will remember what size you are. They will ONLY remember how you made them feel…especially our kids!

++1 of the many things that helped me after baby:

1. Being grateful for specifics body parts and saying it out LOUD!!! You have to SAY IT!

Little by little you will LOVE those body parts and pretty soon You will love your whole BODY! It’s true!!!

“The more positive you say to yourself….you start to believe it and then you Become it”

Mamas, they need us they need all of us…and they love us no matter our size.

Let’s make it a goal to Never let our own insecurities be greater than our Blessings who are right in front of us. You got this! We got this!

We can get our bodies back but we can’t get that time back.

Love and Aloha


Pictures by: Cambria Hauck