Living in and out of our suit cases, the boys and I going house to house, Andy living with family feeling like a burden, seems like house hunting is impossible in Utah county.😝 We have offered on 4 no wait 5 houses and haven’t had any luck and the list of craziness goes on!! It’s not HARD stuff it’s just crazy, tiring stuff😜

Through all the crazy we are CELEBRATING Some great events tho….so RAH RAH RAH🎉

I wanna know what your Celebrating today?!? Small, big, whatever tell me so I can cheer you on!!!!🎉🎉🎉 #celebratethesmallthings

1. A little over year ago Andy was diagnosed with a Pulmonary embolism. He had blood clots in his leg and also all in his lungs! The Dr.s were shocked he was alive. It was a MIRACLE!!! He’s been on blood thinners the last year and it’s been No Bueno….well NO MORE🎉 he’s finally off of the Blood thinners! Blessed he’s still with us!

2. There’s an awful hard test that teachers have to take and you have to pass it to teach. Well He passed with flying colors his first time🎉 smarty pants! 179/200 Chee-hooo! Smarty pants! That’s a good day! Yay! We have a J. O. B.

3. Andy was drafted into the NFL in 2005. So we just got news he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at his College William Pen University🎉in Iowa in October! So so proud of our Mr. Irrelevant! Hard work pays off for this small town boyyy!

My look: Boyfriend jeans ON SALE / Everyday belle sleeve

No matter how crazy and messy life seems the lord is aware of our needs and will always take care of us and little tender mercies to give us the energy and light we need to Lee moving forward!

Thanks for celebrating with us🎉

Don’t forget how amazing you are!!