Hey Hey guys! Soooooooo I get asked business questions alllllll the freaking time. I’m going to be completely honest about this BUSINESS THANG HERE….I have NO BUSINESS degree, not an expert just telling you what I do…..so here it goes.

But before…If your new here…Hey 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m Tia, I am a wife to Coach Stokes, Boy mom to my 4 hooligans and I own The Vault Dance Studio Home of Kalamity, Kaos and @hotmessfitness where we “Dance for a Cause” 24/7 since 2007.

1. How did you start THE VAULT?

Most people think The Vault just one day BAMMM💥 was a thing. Actually it wasn’t! When I moved back from San Diego in 2007 I started an Adult Hiphop class one night a week. That grew to be Kalamity. Then I started teaching 4 little kids classes out of my garage or renting studio time from other studios. Did that for 4 years! In 2011 we decided we needed our own studio so THEN we opened THE Vault for our dancers! So you see it was 4 years of garage time before we opened a space:) Be willing to grind!

2. How did you decide to “Dance for a Cause?”

Well when we were getting ready for our 1st concert one of our former Kalamity members was diagnosed with cancer. We decided to give the ticket money to here and dedicate the show to her. After that, that’s when We knew. Kalamtiy was to be for dancing for people going through REAL LIFE KALAMITYS! Be open to inspiration.

3. How did you come up with The name Kalamity?!

Actually I didn’t, the lord did! Honestly! When I started the adult class that grew into the same group of girls coming to dance every week! We decided we needed a name if we were going to be performing! So for a month we brainstormed names and the word KALAMITY kept coming to my mind. When I would tell my friends the name they would make fun of me and say “you guys dance like a Calamity” 😂 but I just couldn’t shake it…so I went with it! Follow your intuition…it’s never wrong!!

4. What’s your business plan?

To be honest I have no business plan! I try my hardest (I am not perfect at all) to live my life the best I can according to the lord and I ask for his guidance daily! It’s his business plan I just try to do what he would want me to do! I know as long as I Am serving and helping his children he will keep his promises and help me! Put the Lord first ALWAYS and SERVE! I’m BIG on


go to church, pray, read my scriptures daily (even if it’s a verse) pay my tithing, be grateful, Family home evening, date night, attend the temple, serve! When we do that WE WIN every where else!!! Ask yourself WHAT ARE MY BASICS????

5. What’s one advice you would give to someone wanting to start a business?



I get asked this a lot! To be honest you have to get people through your doors and then they can see and experience you! You can’t expect something right off the bat!! So offer free classes, free product, free food let people experience and then word of mouth is the best advertisement! I give first class FREE! I Also do a FREE dance camp for kids! FREE T SHIRTS etc.


I totally believe when we are giving to others and donating and taking care of Gods children he will take care of us! Look for a cause or a way to constantly GIVEBACK in your busineSs! It can be easy as your whole squad goes a washes cars for a family or foundation one Saturday! Or maybe a % of sales goes to a charity!!! Give don’t be greedy:)

My dad used to say

“EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOTHING YOU STILL GIVE” give of your time or talents! We all have something!

I’m not rollin in the dough and I’m definitely not the most educated on this topic! These are the things that I do and The Vault has always been takin care of! We don’t have everything perfectly I’m really just wingin it, having faith, grinding and following my ❤️. Honestly when you follow your heart and passion you will do it forever! It will NEVER BECOME WORK!

Don’t forget how amazing you are!