The last 3 months have been full of change for our family as you all know and if you don’t know Heres a catch-up: We have lived in St.George for the last EVER. Pretty rooted here Andy has been coaching football at Dixie the last 10 years, i have been dancing for families in the community the last 10 years we just hit over $500,000 this year 🎉 for families and all of our kids were born and raised here. Then we had a switch in plans Andy was offered the head football coach position up at Timpview high school in Utah county in which we are leaving everything behind. To you it might seem like no big deal…but St.George is our community our family! Between Andy and I we have a lot of people we love and know have “got our backs” here. So this is BiG for us.

So when we first got the word that we would be moving. Let’s be honest I was excited for Andy’s opportunity and growth and I always knew that this day would come and I would 200% support him. I just never realized how hard it would be to leave my dance family and close down everything that my family has been doing since I was a single 21 year old girl. (That’s along time) one weekend I bawled my eyes out and tried to convince Andy that the boys and I could live in St. George and we could do the long distance thing….🤷🏽‍♀️ yeah I wasn’t thinking straight. Our family together is most important.

My kids even said “whose going to dance for a cause?” “What about Kalamity?” 😢 this is all they have known. For our family I never expected for The vault or Kalamity to have such a big impact on my family or the community for that matter. We were just doin what we love and doing it for others. Simple. Such a little thing that has grown into such a big thing not by lots of money but by sooo much LOVE. Rich in blessings and relationships.

Let’s take it back….

In 2011 Kalamity was doing more mini concerts and helping more families in need. I remember we were sitting in the studio that we had rented studio time from and we were pretty upset because our schedules kept getting switched around, we were getting kicked around in our times. We would show up and people would be in there. We sat in our Kalamity circle and discussed a studio space. The only people against it and who were the most iffy about us opening and running a studio were Cam and I. We knew the work it would take and the stress. Everyone agreed to help teach, run classes to pay the rent so we could continue to grow Kalamity and help more families. So we were in.

THE VAULT: what is a vault? A safe. A place to put your most prized possessions. That’s exactly what The Vault stands for its a safe place where we keep our most prized possessions…our talents, our family and causes. A place where we have formed, nurtured and keep close all of the many RELATIONSHIPS we have made through this journey. At the end of the day our talents and relationships we have made on this earth are what we get to take with us as our most “prized possessions.”

In 2011 when we opened The Vault Andy and I had -$500 in our account. No lie. We couldn’t even get a bank account because we had just lost our house and so much debt. All I knew is that Kalamity needed a home so we could help more families. So we continued to pray and have faith we would find something. We found a spot from a good friend and my Dad always believed in me and loved what Kalamity stood for so he donated the $1,000 down that I needed to open The Vault. He is A BIG reason why we are here today.

As you can see The Vault is much more than a business to me. It is something very special that I feel is directed by my Heavenly Father and he’s allowed me to work for him. It has helped soooo many families not just the causes but the dancers and their families, hotmess and their families the community that comes together for each cause and their families. Most of all it has been a huge blessing to my family by all the many people we have met through it. It is more than just a dance studio it has become a lifestyle.

That’s why we have decided to not sell The Vault dance studio. Actually the last year I feel like the Lord was preparing us for this moment. My pregnancy with Tazz I had to take a lot of time off and I had to trust and train teachers up to fill my spot. I did everything for the studio from a distance.

It’s amazing how the Lord works and prepares you for what’s next without you even knowing. That’s why We have decided Cam and I together with the rest of The Vault staff aka Kalamity will keep The Vault OPEN🎉

Did you hear that?! The Vault will stay in St. George Utah “Dancing for a cause” we will continue to dance for DAVID this year and years to come for other families in need. We will continue to serve the community and hopefully bring more families together through doing what we love for the community!

Not only are we keeping The Vault in St. George we will bring back our KAOS TEAM (Kalamity’s high school sister team) 🎉 so the younger generation can dance along side Kalamity again!

💜So listen up: KAOS AUDITIONS

13-17yrs old

April 25th 7:30pm class auditions (bring pic)

April 28th 8:30am solo and interview

April 30th call back 7pm meeting!

We are so excited about this and feel incredibly grateful for all the amazing people who have come forth to make this possible and the lords hand in the preparation for this moment for The Vault to continue to serve the St. GEORGE community and maybe spread “Dance for a cause” to Utah County 😉

Thank you all for all of your love and continuous support on this journey!

I love you so much!!

Don’t ever forget how amazing you are!