10 years ago when Andy first started coaching the Dixie high freshman people used to think I was crazy. In fact a parent once asked me “don’t you have a life?” 😳 I would go to every practice pregnant or not and sit and watch Andy coach and do his thang. To be honest in this world of football if you want to see each other and stay in love with each other forever “you gotta do what you gotta do” those football practices became FAMILY TIME! To this day all 4 of my boys were born on the football field. OK NOT REALLY LOL but pretty darn close.

We have spent countless nights on that Dixie field. My boys LOVE being with their Dad and big brothers. Every player has become such a BIG PART of our lives. Not just Andy’s life. Mine. My boys 💙 our whole family.

These coaches were our friends first. We are going to miss them and all of the fun memories our families shared together. We co-owned a semi pro football team with Wayne, played on the semi pro football team with Wayne, Sione, Sam, Shaun. The team was coached by Odette. Sam gave Andy a job when we had nothing else. Mike Smith drove Andy home from California to be with me when I was in labor with Tazz. Nyberg helped us sell our home. Baby blessings, baptisms The memories go on and on of all of these wonderful men and their families. We will never be able to thank them for the relationships and how they have touched our lives. ALOHA – We love you.

Andy’s 2nd to last day at Dixie the boys and I planned one last team lunch and surprised Andy in his classroom! Literally 2 hours before!! Fishey (Tyson fisher my adopted son;) sent a texted out and I showed up with 20 pizzas!!! All the boys shared their best memories of Stokes and they all got to take “something of Stokes” home with them. Dixie will always hold a special place for us. It was the place of so many life long friendships! ALOHA- Dixie family

That same weekend we made the trip up north to move Andy up😢 we spent the week exploring Utah county, eating yummy food, swimming, meeting the team, watching practices, house hunting with no luck, temple tour and leaving Andy to start our new life without us. (The boys and I will move in the summer) One of the hardest things for us to do. Andy said before getting out of the car. “Do you realize since we have been married I haven’t been away from the family longer than 3 days?” 😢 He’s right! since the studio he has been Mr. Mom while I was traveling for dance every summer or concerts and team trips he’s always been with the boys! On top of coaching and teaching he’s always had the boys with him…always! They are his best friends!

I use to go to Weekly business meetings and when the men there knew how busy and crazy I was they said “your husband must be a saint” YES, he is!!!

So saying ALOHA- to our Andy in Utah County to start the future and making a new home for us was hard but we know we will be so blessed with an amazing new football family and LOTS of extended family!

Someone said to me “Well I hope everything turns out with this move and is great.”

My reply: “We will make it great!”

That’s all you can do…right?!! Yes we are taking a huge leap of faith…but at the end of the day the outcome is all about your attitude!!!



Hello- Goodbye and We LOVE YOU.

We can do hard things! We are doing hard things! You can do hard things and every situation can be GREAT!