Since Andy and I have been married we Lost our 1st house to financial struggles. We Moved into the smallest apartment in St.George because that’s all we could afford. Then a miracle happened and we Moved into my DREAM HOUSE on main st. that was to be our forever house. Where we would raise our boys and jam pack our Victorian style house with football BBQS and late night smore parties. We were to sit in our rocking chairs on that wrap around porch and grow old together.

“Sometimes the lord doesn’t nudge, he pushes to get us to where he needs us”

That’s exactly what happened….I loved that house so much I was willing to do anything 😂 it was rat infested, black mold livin, water under the floor boards, needed a new roof and so much more lol. 4 years later one night it sold right from under neath of us…..we were devastated!

We already had a loan and only a month to use it and we had to be out of the DREAM house in just a few weeks…..we were crushed and felt so lost.

it was so crazy and we felt hopeless but the LOrd has a plan. He always does. I had a feeling to call one of my studio parents Autumn Boucher they own BIG ROCK CONSTRUCTION (the cutest Builder’s) to see if maybe they had anything in our price range they were building…never hurts to ask…right? Well they did!!! It was out in Hurricane and everyone warned us hat the drive would suck! We went to look at it, it was the cutest. It wasn’t done yet! That means BRAND NEW! We had never had anything New 😂 I just fell in love with the area, the yard and the style of the house. It was The total Joanna Gains farmhouse style and the size was perfect for our family! So we made the move to Hurricane.

This house ended up being such a HUGE BLESSING! We couldn’t be more grateful for the Boucher’s and this beautiful house! In this house we were able to create more opportunities, space to think and when we came home we were HOME! We learned so much about our little family and what we were capable of!

The drive back and forth for me was pretty hard. My schedule starts so early 5am early sometimes 4am and I would go back and forth at least 2xs a day if not more😴 and with a brand new baby…I’m not gonna lie it was killing me or gonna kill me. Falling asleep at the wheel 1x was ENOUGH!

So we listed our house in November….so we could move closer to our jobs in town…Little did we know the Lord would move Andys job to Provo!!! A bigger opportunity for Andy that would take him closer to his dreams. The same day as Andys interview we sold our house. (The only offer we got IN JANUARY) Talk about the lords timing. Not a coincidence at all and HUGE BLESSING AND OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR FAMILY that only this house and past experiences could get us to.

Ya see we had to take all of these steps to get to where we are going. Not one without the other…..

It’s so cool to look back at all of these stepping stones that got us to where we are today! Makes us excited to see where the Lord takes us next. We know that we will have our share of more trials and challenges. As You can see each trial or loss was necessary. Like my dad always would say….


We never know exactly why we are going through each situation or what we are suppose to learn from it at that exact moment. All we know is, as long as we put our faith and trust in him he will never let us down. I BELIEVE THAT!

So if your feeling forgotten about…or asking what is going on I’m trying to do everything right?!? Just know he’s preparing you for something greater, making you stronger so can handle what’s ahead and putting you exactly where he needs you!


I never want to forget all of these amazing miracles and tender mercies. ONLY THROUGH EACH experience made us closer as a family. Together with the Lord we can do ANYTHING!


Say it with me “I CAN DO HARD THINGS”