Forgive me…I’m writing this in the car on the way back from Provo…visiting the place that’s to be our next home. ❤️ blasting “The Greatest Showman” over and over again to keep us singing but we only just start crying…how this movie has hit so many feels for us this time in our lives! It’s crZy.

Lots of emotions going on for me and Andy. Our faces honestly don’t know how so many tears can keep coming!

Our visit to Provo was great! TIMPVIEW welcomed us with a beautiful luau and a warm Aloha! We love the Timp View people. We love the players. We love the families. We love the feel. We are so grateful for the opportunity and for this next Chapter. Since the day Andy and I met We knew this day would come…we just didn’t realize it would be so fast and so soon and…

If I’m being honest sooo HAARRRDDD.

I’ve had lots of dancers move on from Kalamity and say how hard it is to leave. They can’t come to class , concerts, fundraisers, see Kalamity on social media because it’s just tooo hard because they miss it so much……I never imagined I would be the one leaving. In fact I was suppose to be on stage (on my own stage #oneday) with my niece / bff till we were 80 dancing for a cause)

Leaving Kalamity. Leaving The Vault. Leaving my Dancers. Leaving the most supportive community family. Leaving my BFF. My heart is sooooo torn! Missing last nights Valentines Dance just killed me…

You might think I’m crazy and that it was just a Job and a Business and Yes being a Full Time Mom is the most important Job in the world and that’s what I’m suppose to be doing…..I know I know all this. Why do you think we are going???

What you don’t know is….we are

Leaving our 1st baby. Kalamity. Andy and I have built since I was 21 yrs old. Before marriage, before babies. When I made the decision in my life to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do. We created A space, a bubble that brought everyone to feel loved and accepted including myself. A passion that only Wednesday nights could fulfill for so many that came through The Vault doors. So many friends who became family. All the service and love that made this community Home for so many! This was NOT A JOB and NOT JUST A BUSINESS….this is our lifestyle!

Live to Give, GIVE TO LIVE<<< ce for a CAUSE DANCE + SERVICE = PURPOSE One of the biggest things I've taught all of my Dancers and Hotmess is that

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift and that’s why we call it The Present – my dad

To enjoy every moment because we are not promised tomorrow or the next hour!! To live with intention! To love everyone and to SAY IT because you never know when you will see that person next. To hug everyone it might save someone! To say hi always! Talk to strangers! Serve and expect nothing in return! Live and work with Passion and you will do it forever! Dance like it’s your last 8 counts….because you just never know when it will be your last! Enjoy it while you have it and hold on to the memories!

Yes….maybe one day if it’s the lords will we will start THE VAULT , Kalamity , Hotmess fitness where ever we end up. The Vault , Kalamity and Hotmess lifestyle will spread but for now the next 3 months I’m excited to live it up with my Dance family and community for David with my boys by my side!

So please when you see Andy, my Boys and I give us Hugs! Lots of Hugs! Especially Andy! Please don’t be awkward and know that it’s hard for all of us but in the decision making “this is what the Lord wants us to do” at this time in our lives and that’s what matters most! The Lord has a plan. Right now for Us and that’s to enjoy MOTHERHOOD, be here for my boys and help Andy be the best coach he can be!

If your still here…thank you! I know all of these crazy emotions will pass…thank you for being here!

Love you all sooo much!

Don’t forget how amazing you are!!!

Say it ” I AM AMAZING”



All photos by: Cambria Hauck