Forgive me if this sounds like jibberish. My eyes are very blurred. As I’m writing this tears wont stop!

We love St.George! St. george is our home. St.George is our Family!!

I figured this would be the best way to let the cat out of the bag that’s been living in our house the past week! It’s been a wild wind around here and we literally just confirmed an hour ago! 😿😿😿

Let me begin at the beginning! Since day 1 that Andy and I met football has been a HUGE PART of our lives! More dominantly Dixie football. We love our flyers!Andy went from coaching freshman dixie football to Jv Dixie football to an assistant varsity coach to the HEAD Dixie VARSITY COACH THE LAST 3 years! #onedayThrough all of this the past 10 years he has supported me and encouraged me to fly through every dream I have ever had! Al along still growing our team! Never complaining one bit about how many 4am or late night dance practices I had or dance shows he had to sit through. Never complaining about all the crazy props my idea came up with for him to make for concerts or all the concerts he was the lead Prop boy for. Never complained about subbing hotmess fitness classes for me to keep the class going when I mentally and physically couldn’t. He never complained About babysitting the kids so I can fulfill any BOSS ROLE I had to. Never complained about taking ridiculous pictures of his crazy Instagram fashion/ Fitness Blogger wanna be wife 😹 in public. Never discouraged me from traveling all over for fun or for work! And has always supported me and told me that I CAN DO IT AND DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO! He literally gave me the gas to fly!Now it’s my turn to be that for him on his next adventure!Andy every year applies for coaching jobs all over not thinking much but just keeping his resume up. This time he actually landed an interview last Friday (which happens to be the same day we sold our house) NOT A COINCIDENCE and he just received the job offer LAST NIGHT! He will be the new Head Coach at TIMP VIEW HIGH SCHOOL!! Crazy!!!!Yes, this is huge and we are shocked! Also sooo excited for this new adventure especially for Andy to take this next step closer to his dream job! We are just so proud of him. This is a great opportunity to support our family, allow me to be a full time mama and to allow him to gain more opportunities #onedayWe are so excited but also very sad to leave our community… is our home and family it’s pretty much like leaving our heart. We have so many amazing people here and memories made! We hope you know how much we LOVE AND APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS BEEN APART OF OUr LIVEs here!We love you all so much! I can’t say it enoughMay, will be our last KALAMITY & THE VAULT BENEFIT CONCERT😿for David and our Vault doors will close for now! (More in this in another blog post)Not sure what the future holds for The Vault, Kalamity or Hotmess fitness classes going up north…maybe eventually❤️ right now my role will be to support my husband and be there for my boys 100%! All we know is this is where we feel like this is where we are suppose to be at this time. FAITH OVER FEAR, right?! As long as I have my Tribe everything will be perfect!Love you alll soooo much! I Wanted you to hear this news from Me first!!! Just know that we love and appreciate all of you in our lives!Be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOGOr ourYOUTUBE CHANNEL :Tia and the boysTo stay in touch with our crazy lives!!!Thank you for being here!!!Xoxo,TiaPhotos by: Cambria Hauck