“Pride doesn’t exist in love” it just can’t 💛 to say that we are different than what we were 10 years ago would be an understatement…we are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT🙌🏻 “Marriage is the hardest thing you will ever do” they say “but so worth it” 🙏🏽 we are not “love experts” but these are 10 things we have learned the last 10 years that help us!!

10 years has taught us that

1. no disagreement is greater than each other’s happiness so say SORRY , hug, kiss and move forward

2. Never stop the ADVENTURE 🌋life is too short to be boring ! Go out and start a business together, hike a crazy mountain, jump in the ocean, chase those dreams together!

3. date weekly 💋 Never forget each other and that it all began with you 2! The most important part of the family! If the parents are broken than the family will be to:(

4. play🤙🏽🤙🏽 dont take life too Seriously be besties first! Andy and I have this thing where we don’t wanna be “Husband and wife” we want to be best friends🧡 excitement raises and expectations drop!

5. laugh and tease each other 😂 flirting is soo good for the spark and after all that’s usually how it began!

6. Like football🏈 ~ expand your box for each other 🏈💃🏽 like things for him! Even if you hate what he likes you better try! Andy and I are complete opposites in everything we like but because we want each other to be happy and have a passion he likes Dance and I like football😂 let each other fly in that passion! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish together!

7. Serve each other ~not huge things, just simple things, like a thoughtful text, a note, a snack , favorite drink drop off. something to let him know your thinking of him

8. Marriage Counseling~ im not ashamed that we have been to counseling. It was the best thing we did at the time we needed it! Never be ashamed to work for the marriage

9. Pray together every night and every morning🙏🏽 so good to hear what each other are grateful for and to reflect back to what’s important!

10. Never give up! Keep fighting for the love! It’s not going to be like it use to be, it will be better if you work at it!!