Have you ever noticed people treat you better when your dressed up, hair done and make up on? Maybe this doesn’t happen to you but it happens to me:( and it happens often and I think it’s totally absolutely dumb! (The worst word I could think of) Sorry! I said it!

Literally this happens to me often but Literally, the other day I was out and it was a crazy morning with 4 boys and I drive from Africa to take my boys to school and I had to go to the store after in my workout clothes, sweatiness, no make up no hair and the clerk was sooo rude and wouldn’t even look at me….geezzzz ok I know I was scary looking but geez! Later on that day I took Andy lunch and went to the same store dressed and done up! Purposely went to the same clerk….Well totally she had a different reaction so nice kind to me and actually wanted to breathe my same air. (Lol) this is just one time it’s happened….

You possibly cannot be that shallow! Right?! This is my BIGGEST PET PEEVE seriously!!! STOP!! Please Don’t judge a book by its cover, geez don’t judge people at all! We are all Gods children and all beautiful in his image regardless the time we have in the morning to get ready or the brands we have on or the lack of makeup on our face that day and you just never know what someone is going through.

BE NICE always!

Smile always! (No one likes a grumpy)

Be kind always!

Make an effort to talk to others!

You just never know who you will meet who can end up being a life long friend and trust me you don’t wanna miss out on those!

I love that last line……

Kindness is a sign of strength!

Yes! Yes! Yes it is and there is nothing more beautiful than that of being kind and loving to everyone and anyone you meet! I love that being kind shows






• My leggings Stronger Vietnam <<<< ports bra Stronger Vietnam <

hanks for reading!

Don’t forget how AMAZING YOU ARE…SAY IT!

I am amazing

Love and Aloha,


Photos by: Wrigleyphoto