1. I was born after 3 miscarriages….so Mamas don’t stop trying! Thanks Mom for not giving up!

2. Born in California

3. My oldest sister Tonya named me!

4. I was named after my sisters and my last name!

T for Tonya my oldest sister , I for Irene my 2nd Sister and A for AhQuin

5. I’m the youngest of 7 kids , 4 boys, 3 girls talk about ETERNAL BEST FRIENDS!

6. My nationality is Hawaiian, Samoan, German, Chinese!

7. My brothers nicked named me “Bula Monster” when I was a baby and still call me “Bula” to this day!

8. I had 6 teeth pulled on my 6th birthday:/ thanks to my siblings who spoiled the crap out of me:)

9. I LOVE LOVE CHEWY CANDY…But can’t eat it anymore:(

10. I have ALWAYS wanted 8 boys…

11. I am not a vegan but I love vegan food

12. I can touch my nose with my tongue…Can you?

13. I can burp on command….You?

14. I love chick flicks!!

15. I have seen The greatest Showman 6xs in theater…pretty sure that’s a world record 😜

<<<<< ved out when I was 17 to pursue my dancing career. 17. I started dancing when I was 10, teaching at 13!!! 18. I met Johanna and Chip Gains acting like a crazy fan at the Today show! 19. I donated my eggs to my friend so she could have a family...she now has the cutest little girl "Giselle" Our story<

0. Favorite style of dance CONTEMPORARY!

21. 1 Wish: That my niece / BFF has a babay! More👇🏽


23. My lucky number is….can’t tell you. Then it wouldn’t be lucky! #7

24. Jobs I’ve had: Fitness trainer at Maxout fitness center for my brother 1st job lol, Dairy Queen, Wal- Mart distribution center, Turn Community center, Professional dancer, Golden Coral, janitor at BYU HAWAII, Dance instructor, Studio owner! Lol I don’t discriminate 🙂

25. I’m the worst planner and organizeeeee person…2018 here I come…NEW ME!

26. My BFf is my niece 😉 hoping she has a baby soon…watch Follow their baby story

27. I look forward to getting dressed everyday…weird I know:) hence my shopping addiction and sharing with the world!

28. I don’t own a scale…don’t live life by the numbers! That sounds miserable:/

29. I am LDS!

30. Favorite color Turqouise

31. I love quotes…my brother says I have “graffiti” all over my house with all my quotes:)

32. ” A life lived for others is a life lives worth while” – Albert Einstein

“Of this be sure you do not find the happy life, you make it” – Thomas S. Monson

My outfits: Brown Charlie Brown velour / Mint suit

Hope you know me a little better! THIS IS ME and 32 feels gooood!

Love and aloha ,