Hey guys!!! What is this Hotmess fitness thing?!! Well here ya go! Come join me in a class or I can bring Hotmess to you;)

All pics by: Cam

Love love Shape Workout gears comfortable and makes you feel like a million bucks while doin things you love! Sooo much CONFIDENCE : SHAPE

Leggings: Pacesetter leggins

top: Cage long sleeve


A lot of you are asking what is my My Hotmess fitness thang? Well first off Wanna know my story and my why? My story

About 6 years ago in 2011 when I opened my dance studio THE VAULT I started a fitness class mostly because I needed to workout and the only time I could do it before my crazy day with kids was 5:30am before the family woke up! It was open to anyone…and when I say anyone there was like maybe 5 people there my close friends lol!! But whether or not anyone came was fine because I was going to workout anyways!

Then in 2013 after my Dad passed the class started to pick up. “What, people wanted to workout with me?” Ok! So I started doing 8 week challenges with these groups of people. The whole take a before / after pic, weigh ins weekly, measuring, eating plans THE WHOLE FREAKIN SHA-BANG!!! As I was going I was realizing that No matter how much people were losing, it just wasn’t ever good enough and they still weren’t happy! What they wanted to be and what they used to be days (cough cough high school days) Were consuming their minds and having so much control over their happiness and to be honest it’s draining!

That’s when I bagged the whole SHA-BANG I started delivering “grateful journals” Get started your journal to everyone that did/ does an 8 week session and changed the whole dynamic of the class!!! YES, WE STILL WORKOUT but instead of all of that “temporary ceazinesswe start and end every class with a “What are you grateful for?” Fill the hour with sweat, a hard workout and lots of I AM AMAZING- I AM A SEXY BEAST- I AM WORTH IT- I AM ENOUGH statements at the top of our lungs, we SMILE with our teeth, we “pass the fire” (fist bump) in between sets, uplift each other and REMEMBER EACH MORNING THAT OUR BODIES ARE A GIFT and that if we want them to be nice to us, then we have to be nice to them! Thanking them and remembering that our bodies are amazing and that we would never talk mean about our BFF?…right? Well our bodies are like our BFF (since they are with us allllll the time😉 treat our bodies with kindness, YES take care of them, listen to them and exercise them but be kind to them they do so much for us!

When we truly love our selves we can truly love others…that’s when your beauty shines- LOVE<<<<<<<<<< rue beauty! Not the numbers not the size of your pants not what you are or didn’t eat that day! I call all this craziness “daily rehearsal” we have to practice these things everyday so it becomes who we are! + GRATEFUL + POSITIVE + HAPPY + SMILEY +UPLIFTING

++++THAT IS TRUE HAPPINESS and That’s what I workout for! I want to be happy, I want others to be happy! I want to LOVE MY SHAPE, I want others to LOVE THEIR SHAPE. I want to show my Heavenly Father I am grateful for this gift! I want others to show Heavenly Father they are grateful for their gift! I want my kids to love their bodies! I want other Mamas kids to love their bodies and that is taught by example! That is the TRUE TRANSFORMATION!

I’m not perfect….far from it! But this is why I rehearse it daily!! I believe it because it has changed my life!!!

Have a little taste of Hotmess through these video:

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