White dockatot bed / Palm Beach cover

I can not believe this guy is 3 months old today…time needs to slow its role!!!

Tazz has brought so much joy to our family. The boys can not get enough of him…as you can tell;) No matter what mood we are in he always makes everyone happy…everyone! He has been such a blessing baby to our busy, crazy, messy family! He just easily and happily rolls with everything going on around him. We couldn’t have been more blessed , he is an angel!

3 month old Tazz:

+ smiles and giggles

+ loves his brother especially Major

+ sleeps all by himself in his Dockatot all night! He loves this bed and sleeps so good in The snuggle of it! He just started sleeping all night we thank the Dock a toy for that! We love that we can take it anywhere and he can nap and be safe anywhere!!

+ Eats every 2-3 hours, 90% breastfeed! For some reason I can never make enough milk…If you have tips for me on how to keep milk I would love it!!!!😘

+ he tries to stand when you hold him

+ holds his head up but has been doing that since he was born!

We love this little guy and I feel so blessed he choose me to be his mama!

Thanks so much for reading!

Never forget how amazing you are… SAY IT “I am amazing”