Aloha!!! This most is ESPECIALLY FOR THE YOUTH…since most of my readers and followers are youngins. I wanted to share some High schools need to knows! Something that changed my life forever but wish I woulda have done it sooner. I have these talks with my Flyboys and sometimes my dancers but I wanted to share them here with my friends I don’t get to see all the time….

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1. Date everyone!!!!!!! Don’t waste your high school years glued to one person!!! These years are so short and so much fun but can only be fully enjoyed with no strings attached! I had a boyfriend my jr. and sr. Year and I didn’t enjoy high school because I was always caught in my drama with the boyfriend. I hardly dated and went out with friends because that boy required the extra time I did have. BLAHHHH!!! (That’s me throwing up) I wasted so much time, energy and money on……basically….someone else’s husband lol #truth. Yep, I didn’t marry that high school boyfriend of 3 years 😜.

Sorry to break it to you there’s a 75% chance you WILL NOT be marrying that bf/gf, and if you were the one in a million that married the high school sweet heart…..that’s so awesome!!

Your going to married for eternity one day to the right one and it’s going to be amazing but for now HAVE FUN AND DATE. Have fun with friends go to all the school events and live it up…those years are so short and gone too fast!

2. Get involved: be apart of the school! Go to school activities and be a fun, outgoing student! School spirit and pride in that school creates so many fun memories

3. Be kind, you just never know: just REMEMBER high school is short and you never know whose help your going to need later on in life! Treat everyone how you want to be treated! Say Hi to everyone! Make a new friend everyday! Look out for those who could use a friend…one day it might be you! I remember one day in high school I invited a girl to sit by me at lunch who was by her self. We had a great conversation! A few years later she wrote me telling me that I saved her life that day and that really made her feel like someone cared….you just never know who needs YOU.

4. Ask : last but not least, as your exiting high school that senior year Life gets crazy and hits you like a ton of bricks! (I know , I’ve been there;) Just remember one choice could change everything! Be smart your senior year, have fun but

“Every choice has a consequence, it’s up to you whether it’s a good one or a bad one.”

Ask…Ask the lord to help you and to guide you to what your suppose to do and guess what HE WILL! He’s amazing and he is just waiting for you! Life will become less confusing, less stressful and he will guide your life if you will let him! I REMEMBER when I made this decision and everything changed for the better for me I just wish I wouldn’t have waited till I was 21.


Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget how amazing you are!