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* all photos by: Cam

**Special guests my friends Cam and Holly aren’t they beautiful!!!!

If I were to ask you what are you grateful for right now…would Your body be one of them?! Well guess what it needs to be!! Without that body you would not be able to get up every morning and accomplish just the littlest things, without that body you would not be able to love others, feel joy, happiness, sadness. Without that body you wouldn’t be able to touch or hug your Little’s…geez without that amazing body littles wouldn’t even exist! Ya see our bodies don’t get “thanked” enough…..they do soooo much for us but instead we are alwAys telling them they aren’t good enough for us….Now let me ask you a question.

Would you tell your BFF she’s not good enough for you? Or When someone does something nice for you do you say THANKYOU?….of course you do!

How come we don’t do that more for our bodies that do everything for us! Really though without that body you would not have anything else. Mind blown…right?!?

My challenge to you is after your daily workout or after you eat or after any daily task….STOP and SAY “thank you body” The love you give to yourself will only magnify towards those around you”

Thanks for reading and for being here and

THANK YOU BODY for typing this and being able to think:) #grateful

Don’t forget how amazing you are, Say it “ I am Amazing”