Hey Hey!!!

I’ve had a lot of people ask about my morning routine……before HOTMESS fitness class routine. This has definitely been the GAME CHANGER in my life! Something so small but has such a HUGE IMPACT!!! The only thing I wish , is I would have started this in my single years. This would have helped me out ATON!!!  So this is for everyone, I believe everyone can benefit, give it a whirl!

I do this before I leave my house in the mornings or else it won’t get done for me. So find the best time for you, it literally only takes 15 min. Tops! 15mins each day for a little bit more clarity and happiness is worth it for me! On the days that i miss , I can totally feel the difference…for me its totally worth it!!!

1st thing get a notebook or a cute journal and lets start today!!!

-Write down 3 things that you are GRATEFUL FOR.

EX: I am grateful for: my boys, my legs , clothes

-Write down 3 daily I AM statements, positive of course!

EX: I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM HAPPY, I AM HEALTHY! these are things you want to be more of;)

-Write down 3 attractions. Things you want to attract to your life…ANYTHING!

EX: I want to attract a happy home, good people in my life, DIXIE WIN!!! LOL

-Write down 3 goals, this can be daily goals or long term.

EX: Goals: Serve someone today, vacuum;) , Work from home!

I hope this will help you in your life wherever you need! I know that this has helped me tremendously and has been the Game Changer for me in my fitness, business and family journey! If you would like to know the key to HOTMESS My heart for hotmess

***My perfect fall top is from staywarminstyle love the boho feel!

***all photos by: Cam

Love and Aloha,