Hey Hey!!

I’m Tia, and I am a Mom to 4 boys but before I tell you about whats happened….Sweater Weater has got me like…..and THIS SWEATER is AMAZING!!! Can you say softer than a babies bottom;) imagine being wrapped in clouds….thats this sweater! fuzzy soft sweater from Romwe totally affordable and you won’t want to take it off. (don’t mind Maze’s melting pumpkin) lol

Photos by: CAM

The Last Month since being a Mom of 4 has been a HUGE EYE OPENER. Whoever says it gets easier with the more kids you have, way lying…or maybe I just haven’t gotten to the easy part yet.:) But I have to admit I feel like I have just entered Motherhood…thats crazy , right?? 10 years later and Im finally feeling the “Motherhood vibes.” Andys the Head football coach and thats 90 % of the schedule. Major and Legend now have lives, football practices, football games, dance , scouts. Maze is crazy and super active and little Tazz needs his Mama. So going from dancing / teaching 25 hours a week to 10 hours sometimes 12 has been a Big Change…but Im loving it!!! I am loving the MOTHERHOOD LIFE so much, that Im starting to feel like maybe I am done with dancing and I would just be a stay at home Mom and follow my boys around everywhere.

But then something happened , Andy sent me to teach last night , I say sent because my motivation was not there, the light was dim, no dance for a while left me not as confident in my talent because of my own self doubt and he knew that…so he SENT me.


I am so grateful he did….it was one of the funnest nights dancing in a long time!! My soul needed it, I realized that I need music, I need fun times with  positive people, I need Dance and my Boys need a Happy , positive Mom! Dancing makes me a better MOM and Wife! All of us need something, we need that outlet thats going to light our fire, boost our confidence and help us to be better for the people around us! So go out there and find what makes your heart beat a little faster, smile a little bigger, laugh louder and makes YOU HAPPY! You’ve been “sent.” 🙂

So glad this Mama is getting her “groove back”

*MY black coco purse that Im in love with!!!