***First I need to say THANK YOU to all of those who reached out about my last blog post on my UNEXPECTED NEWS. I REALLY REALLY appreciate all the kind words and experiences shared with me. It really gave me comfort and a peace of mind…so THANK YOU!!!!

WELL….its been a minute…Ive been kinda preoccupied with 10 new little stinky boy toes…..We are so blessed to have a new boy in the family…..but first you gotta check out Cambria Haucks amazing skills along the way…Cambria captured the most beautiful pics of Tazz’s Birthday and the morning after when his Dad and BiG brothers got to meet him for the 1st time…priceless! To be honest I never was into all this with my other boys and I regret it…I wish I would have embraced all my other pregnancies and labors like this one. These memories i will cherish forever! MAMAS: do it take the cheesy maternity pics, take the bump growing pics, take the new baby pics capture it all!

So let me start my saying that THE BIGGEST FEAR of this whole pregnancy was that the baby would come the week of or on the day of the San Diego game Friday September 15th and my husband would not be there. All of my other boys came at 37 weeks , which would have put me the week before the game! I mean if you follow me here or on my insta you know that high school football well correction…Dixie High School football in this family is a BIG DEAL….

So after I didn’t go into labor at week 37 I was starting to freak out just a little bit….but also came to the conclusion this baby is going to wait till 40 weeks he had a mind of his own and was showing us whose BOSS…ok I CAN DO THIS, preparing my mind for 3 more weeks!

Monday SEPT 11TH I was running errands all day and was feeling some pretty heavy contractions for 2.5 hours straight….so I drove Maze and I to labor and delivery thinking this was it…well what do you know as soon as I walk in what happens?? Contractions back off…booo!!! oh my…and even worse when the nurse checked me I went backwards…what?!? My last visit i was a 2 and 75% and when she checked me I was barely a 2 and 50%…..WTF!!! Oh man…you don’t tell a 8.5 month preggo lady she went backwards:( …so they sent me home on loratab to RELAX I WAS PRETTY LOOPY….apparently relaxing is a big part of getting your body to labor….I learned something new that day.

Thursday SEPT 14TH I had my 38 week apt I was at a 3 and 85% yahoo!!! So the Dr. stripped me…ouch!! Sent me a walking and said he would probably be in the next 6 hours…so I met my good friend Luci and we walked and walked and walked and did stairs and walked and then I rocked and rocked and rocked lol and finally i started to feel contractions. So Andy and I made my 2nd trip to L&D…..well you can probably guess what happened???? NOTHING!! I did meet the sweetest nurse Talia who ended up being my saving grace! I was still the same and contractions just weren’t strong enough to change anything…so we went home on more loratab…and a stressed out Andy!

Andy had told his whole team and coaches that he wasn’t going to San Diego for the game just in case I went into labor. I felt horrible making him stay for a “just in case labor” so I sent him to San Diego and planned to keep my booty home doing nothing and waiting for him to get home to have baby! WEllll……

Friday SEPT 15TH Andy left at 5am and well i did nothing as planned and while sitting at my sister inlaws just talking…..MY WATER BREAKS!!! WTH! i wasn’t quiet sure because it was a little gush! so I waited till 5:30pm to drive myself to L&D during this time Talia the cute nurse from the night before telling me what to do and then to go in which gave me some comfort because I DID NOT WANNA BE SENT HOME AGAIN!!!

So I drove myself to L&D my mother inlaw had my kids from the false alarm the night before so it was just me. So they checked me and YEP, water was broken and I was in REAL LABOR…yay!!! They transferred me rooms and started my antibiotics for the strep B and my contractions were getting worse….kinda funny the nurses were asking me ” is anyone coming to be with you” “do you wanna call anyone” i was in so much pain i couldn’t do it just yet….right before my epidural I text Cambria and my sister Tonya “hospital” “now” lol thats it! All this time Andy still doesn’t know , I didn’t want to stress him out while at his game or have him leave his game to try to get to me in time.

Finally, Cambria, Tonya and my Mom showed up. I got my epidural….which PS anyone who goes natural my hat is off to you, YOUR amazing!!! Then a little later my good friend Luci came too! That epidural was real nice i was able to get ready , Cam did my hair lol and take a nap! lol

I text Andy to call me right after the game….so when he did at 9pm thats when I told him and he was on his way home! Well by 1am SATURDAY SEPT 16TH it was SHOW TIME! Luci put Andy on face time (thank goodness for modern technology ) and we started pushing….which was the longest ever for me , usually I sneeze and the baby is out…I pushed for 13 min. with my Mom and sister coaching me, Cambria the photographer, Luci on Face time with my Andy. Finally, little “Tazz Ikaika (strong) Stokes” was born….the spirit in the room was soo amazing we were all crying and even though my  Andy wasn’t able to be there it all worked out the way it was suppose to and Tazz was here healthy and strong.

Funny story: Andy on facetime not saying anything just watching me. I looked at him and said “say something” “tell me Im awesome” haha

Cambria captured his entrance soo perfectly!!!

Our first moments together outside of my belly. Tazz kept looking at me and touching my chin!! So precious.

My guy!!! 7lbs 3 ounces and 21.5 inches long of pure goodness!!! Love him already!! It was all WORTH IT!

**Finally Andy got to the hospital at 4:30am and got to meet his 4th son “Tazz.” Cambria stayed to capture this tender moment.

So glad both of my boys were safe! Andy stayed up all night holding him and just staring at him.

The next morning ALL OF MY BOYS GOT TO MEET FOR THE FIRST TIME! I never knew my heart could be so full of love and feel so full and complete, but with all of these boys around me it just felt and feels soo right and soo good!

The boys were in Heaven and soon stinkin excited to meet Tazz.  They are the best big brothers! I hope Tazz is ready for this crazy!!

So grateful to add Tazz to our family he truly is a little angel and such a miracle! Grateful for all of these beautiful pictures that Cambria took to capture this beautiful memory!

***For all my preggo or soon to be preggo mamas:

+take the pictures I used to be one of those no pictures of belly or baby pics because I thought it was cheesy…..but I am so glad I have so many pics to remember my pregnancy and this beautiful time in life!

+Pack your own robe for feeding and comfort…the hospital robe is so big, bulky and HOTT! My blue and white (for Dixie) delivery robe is from shoppinkblush there are so many cute ones!

+Dont stress about going to L&D to be checked 1, 2 or 3xs, its better to be safe than sorry and do it for the baby. Thats what the nurses are there for.

+Baby is coming on his or her time!!! You can try pineapple, squats, walking, black cohosh, sex, lots of sex….those little babies decide when its time….so hang in there!

+Prepare those nipples before baby my good friend Latisha springer said to brush them with a toothbrush everyday before baby comes to prepare them for breastfeeding…DO IT! I didn’t and Im wishing I did now!!

+Buy the DEPENDS for after baby for the bleeding….so much better than the pad!

Goodluck to all my Mamas! Thank you for reading our story!!!