Alooohhhaa friends…. I have a confession…I am no professional BLOGGER i barely graduated high school lol so my grammer/ puctuatuion is not perfect at all, I am no FITNESS GURU or a FASHIONISTA…Phew that felt good!!! But I am a Boy Mama that lives a very active lifestyle, I am a proud football Coaches wife, I am a SELF-LOVE ADVOCATE and use my HOTMESS FITNESS class as a way to teach, inspire and motivate other woman to LOVE their bodies and be GRATEFUL FOR THE BODIES THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN, I am a Dance Studio Owner where I get to do what I LOVE “DANCE” and teach the younger generation to LOVE THIER BODIES and “Dance for a Cause”and I do get dressed daily and actually really look forward to getting dressed, wearing cute outfits that I LOVE and sharing them with others! I know when I get ready I feel better and I treat others better:) So if you follow me for JUST FITNESS just know that IM A HOTMESS, Im all over the place and Thats ME! I don’t feel like you have to be just ONE THING, i believe in always chasing dreams no matter your age, living life to the fullest, sharing ALL THAT IS GOOD…and if you can support others along the journey than thats what life is about!!

To all my Mamas and Girls or Guys that feel like they wanna run after dreams but too afraid of doing it RIGHT OR WRONG, OR NOT AN ENGLISH GURU OR AND AFRAID OF WHAT PEOPLE THINK………stop!!!! GO FOR IT…BE YOU, AND DON’T LOOK BACK! YOU GOT THIS!!! SHINE ON


I want my  boys to always live their dreams and GO FOR THEM. I want them to be confident and excited about life and knowing they can do anything and if they fall they know thats just a stepping stone to being closer to their goals. I know that it starts with ME! They have to see that I know that I AM WORTH IT AND THAT I CAN DO ANYTHING! I LOVE YOU BOYS…..FOR ALL MY GIRLIES …..YOUR WORTH IT 


I hope no matter what while your here you will find something that will uplift you, inspire and motivate somehow. It might be a mama post, fitness post, lifestyle post, food post or fashion post…just know that its a ME POST and its My REAL hot messy life and I LOVE IT!!!!

**ALL PICS BY: mah girl


love and aloha,