You guys , this quote is literally something i have to remind myself to do daily and lets be real, moments through out the day! So grateful for these simple reminders to remember what matters most in life!!! Lets be honest, its hard especially for me as a studio owner, dance/ fitness instructor and taking on the blogger world and trying to INFLUENCE FOR GOOD. The most important influence is at home within my own walls!

***Take on the 30 day challenge with me: Get the whole fam to Put down the techy stuff for at least an hour a day (you set your own time every day) and just Play, watch a movie, snuggle, read, do something as a family without interruptions!!! WE GOT THIS!  ill keep you posted on my side and keep me posted on yours!!!

Until Then…..

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Just for Fun… Things ABOUT ME:

  1. A few of “MY JAMS”….on my playlist:



No Lie



2. Things you wanna know about me:)

Im a total boy mama (3 and #4 on the way) and my Coach Andys #1 cheerleader. I own a non-profit dance studio click here  the vault where i teach dance and HOTMESS FITNESS  classes,  I love clothes a little too much and doing ANYTHING WITH FAMILY!!  Im a total homebody and a sucker for the sunset! Im a desert before dinner type of gal and I always order more than I can handle. My favorite color is “turqatoise” and my lucky number is….cant tell you:) I Love people and getting to know new people always, but I am also super shy but I am talkative to VOID the shy bug……….I know doesn’t make sense lol but thats ME! I love my Life and my life loves me!!

“If I could change the world I would help people understand that true beauty is deeper than squares and help girls understand that you don’t have to be naked to be a fitness advocate or be naked to show self-love…..you are ENOUGH!

“I AM MOST PROUD OF MY ABILITY TO love unconditionally and love all”

Thanks for reading, remember your AMAZING…SAY IT!