Hotmess in the studio starts early, like 5:30am early (online starts any time you do…). That early morning wake up call can be a hard thing for some people to conquer. And I get it, waking up early can be a hard demon to rise above. The urge to hit the snooze or turn off the alarm all together is a strong one.

What appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment you will ever make. – – Gordon B. Hinckley

We often hear that in order to get something amazing we have to be willing to give up something we hold dear, like sleep. Sacrificing a little sleep for the benefits of an excellent workout, mental boost, and a sense of love and sisterhood (men, you are welcome too!!) is totally worth it! After a Hotmess workout you never hear anyone say they wish they had stayed in bed. NEVER!!

The idea of sacrifice doesn’t just work for Hotmess. It is everywhere. We have to be willing to give up something we like in order to get something that we will love, something that will change us. It wouldn’t be a true sacrifice if it wasn’t hard. Rolling out of bed at 5:00am makes you want to work harder and be stronger in those early morning workouts. Like Tia says, “you didn’t wake up and come here to just be average”. Sacrifice pushes us to be better and do better each day.

So when it is hard, or you have to give up something (like sleep) just remember that the sacrifice is always worth it in the end. Give up that something good for that something better!! If you are on the fence about trying Hotmess Fitness because the sacrifice seems too great, let me tell you that you will not regret a single second of sleep you lose. Your sacrifice will be multiplied and you will find yourself walking out with so much more than you could have ever gained by staying in bed.

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”