Hey guys talking…6 MONTHS…REAL TALK and sharing my favorite maternity looks with Ingrid and Isabel. Hope you enjoy!!!


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  • This dress “ahhhhhhhhh” need i say more. I also have the ivory one that i wore to the beach and tied up for a cute day time look, so fun for summer shop midi dress



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  • This Cozy Wrap has been perfect  for late night summer walks, or just to snuggle and watch a movie in…such a great “go to throw on” i pretty much live in it.
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***He he, goofing off like usual showing off these incredible black pocket pants


  • Gotta show the awesome belly band, these pants are amazing.



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  • I wore this amazing Ingrid and Isabel dress to my nephews wedding and got soo many compliments! On top of making me feel like a million bucks it is so comfortable i wore it all day!!! Shop link below…


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Since I’m all about transparency I’m going to get pretty real in this post! I am so excited to be a Mom of 4….wow that was weird and and brought on lots of emotions…crazy…we will save that for another post. This 4th pregnancy has been pretty different there could be lots of reasons : I’m a little older (a little:), my body has been through a lot more like donating my eggs a year ago egg donation and a miss carriage,  I’m a lot busier with The Vault dance Studio, hotmess fitness, 3 boys, Andys coaching job , now blogging my newest adventure…my mind and body are just trying to keep up these days! Phew!!! Also, at my last Drs. Apt. The Dr. said my placenta was really low to my cervix and that i needed to take it easy after week 22 , if you know me I’m not sure what that means…but i do know that if i try to do anything more than fast walking, working out longer than 30 min, lifting, or even talking loud (which i do a lot with teaching ) my belly starts to cramp and hurt pretty bad. With my other boys i was totally fine and could do everything pretty much 100% up until i had them. This one has definitely been a mental struggle and learning to listen to my body, rest and remember that this time is so short for such a BIG MIRACLE. MY MOM had 7 kids and they were not easy pregnancies…i don’t know how she did it she is amazing and props to all the moms out there who have lots of kids…i am amazed at the selflessness, love and devotion Moms give and go through to bring these tiny beautiful souls down. it is such a miracle and a blessing to have these babes that keeping the BIG PICTURE in mind and the eternal perspective helps me to kick the  “poor me” moments. So Blessed to be given this opportunity again and i know i can choose to stay positive, not be grumpy and enjoy the journey because its only so short. I always wanted to have 8 boys….we will see! P.S. : I always wondered how people knew they were done….How did you know? Also….how did woman survive without maternity clothes before??? ah!! that belly life tho…thank goodness for ingridandisabel that has saved me and baby…the comfiest , cutest maternity threads!!!

  • 6 months happenings:
  • maternity JEANS, YESS PLEASE Thank goodness for IngridandIsabel
  • DRESSES YESSS PLEASE…..MORE Ingridandisabel
  • swollen if i do too much
  • heart burn everyday!
  • eating little snacks all day
  • hard time eating a full meal
  • French fries still a crowd favorite lol
  • salad and fruit not a favorite…but trying;) to get it in!
  • water is gross but drinking it anyways:)
  • energy is back! yay!
  • Love feeling #4 flutter and kick…all worth it!

“IM not telling you its going to be easy, Im telling you its going to be worth it!”

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