I think the biggest, most life enhancing thing I gained from Hotmess has been the simple truth that I can do hard things. So often I would just not try because whatever the task was, it appeared to be too hard (I can’t imagine that I am alone in this). Things got hard and I checked out. Endure the loss of a loved one, feeling the weight of grief, living with the void…I’ll take a mental vacation in front of the TV with one buttery cinnamon and sugar tortilla after another. What about hold a plank for 30 seconds, that sounds too hard…I’m out. Why push myself to stay present and strong?

Why…that seems to be the big question when hard things arise. And after trudging through many a hard things (planks, grief, burpees…) the simple answer is those hard things make us stronger. Stronger so that when life throws the next hard thing at us, which is inevitable, we can rise up and endure no matter how hard it is. And with that strength comes happiness and if you are lucky a chance to help another as they enter the same trial. Helping others, that is another why. We aren’t in this life alone.

So how did Hotmess drive this simple truth home for me? Well, it was largely because I was put in a position to do those hard things. There was no way out, there were eyes every where. And as I did those hard things I reminded myself that I can do hard things! Hearing those words come out of my mouth and seeing myself in that mirror doing the hard things, now that is something that burrows deep into your core and is hard to forget (especially when you do it 5 days a week).

Once that truth is in you it extends to all things. It isn’t just about the workout, it boosts you up when life could bring you down. It gets you off the couch and living life. Knowing I can do hard things and seeing that it is true has been empowering on many levels.

I can do hard things…a simple profound truth that changes things. So push yourself, do hard things. Remind yourself often!! “I can do hard things!!”

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”