When i was in high school i new i always wanted all boys. I grew up with all boys, I had all boy cuzions that i was super close to and honestly i LOVED being surrounded by my “protectors” and being spoiled by them:) I always told everyone i made a deal with Heavenly Father that if i was good then he would bless me with 8 boys:) (haha little did i know he keeps his promises)

Now as an all Boy Mom i have to say Thank you to the boys in my life who have made my dreams come true. I don’t have 8 of them yet:) but the 6 (including my Andy and Flyboy:) I have to say THANKYOU!


THANK YOU For making me the happiest girl ever and treating me like a Princess always. Thank you for loving me through my girly tantrums:) Thank you for loving me through all the outfit changes. Thank you for Dancing with me and never complaining about performing so much. Thank you for enduring many shopping escapades because thats what i want to do for fun. Thank you for surprising me with my favorite treats when I’m sad.  Thank you for baring through the girly “chick flicks”. Thank you for loving me during my monthly visits:). Thank you for the many many handmade gifts that melt my heart. Thank you for telling me my meals are good when i cook:). Thank you for making me always feel loved and appreciated, Thank you for the hugs when i come home. Thank you for forgiving me always and loving me through the many mistakes i make.



Most of all Thank you for choosing me and trusting me to be your mama for eternity! Thank you for blessing me with the Gift of Motherhood and the opportunity to be your eternal Mama!


Happy Mothers Day to my own Mother who has sacrificed since i was in the womb. My mother really almost died having me. She lost all feeling in her left side of her body for me and has never complained. She developed a brain tumor while pregnant with me that she lived with for 15 years. She had brain surgery when i was in high school. She has endured many things and continues to. She still cooks for me whenever i want something special and takes me shopping! She is the prime example of motherhood! I am soo blessed she is my Mom! i love you Mom!!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all my Moms out there, I hope today you feel and know how much you are loved! Mothers are so special with a very special love that only a Mama can have!