How do you hit the reset button? What do you do that helps keep you sane and happy? I hope you have something! It is so important that we take care of ourselves. Whether it is a workout first thing in the morning or a project that you are excited about, you need something.

I think it is safe to say most of us are wives, mothers, employees, bosses, friends, leaders, and helpers. We have to make sure we don’t lose ourselves in all our roles. When the dust settles I want to be able to still see me.


If you neglect to make time for yourself or take care of your needs you will eventually fail in every other role you have.

If we don’t take that time to allow ourselves to recharge and find our happy we are no good to anyone. Just like a car, we can only go so far on a tank of gas. We have to fill up. We are a better wife, mom, employee, boss, friend, leader, and helper when we set aside that time to enjoy what makes us happy and what helps us become better. It doesn’t have to be something huge, simple things work too!!

Just in case you are struggling to come up with something (because let’s face it, if you haven’t filled yourself up for a while you might not know how to start) I have put together a list…

  • Hotmess!! (of course) A new in studio session just started and it isn’t too late to get in also online is always available!!
  • Read a self development book!! There are so many good ones to choose from (just ask Google)!! 
  • Redecorate a room!!
  • Find a project that inspires you!!
  • Teach something you are passionate about!!
  • Volunteer to serve at a school or soup kitchen (service always, ALWAYS fills you up)!! 
  • Explore new hobbies (like gardening, sewing, cooking…)!!
  • GET OUTDOORS and play with your kiddos!!!
  • Journal!!       
  • Pamper yourself pedi, mani, massage…im definitely due for one of those:) or my favorite SHOPPING!!!!
  • Take a bath/shower with the bathroom door closed (this doesn’t happen often at my house)!!
  • A dinner out with friends!!
  • Take a fun paint, dance, workout etc. class!!
  • Attend an event with inspirational speakers!!
  •  Create something (flower arrangement, piece or art, healthy meal, sewing, crafts)!!
  • Go for a hike!!

And there are so many other things, this is just a place to start. So go out and do something to refill and reset yourself. Find something you enjoy and take some time to take care of yourself!! And don’t tell yourself you don’t deserve it, because you so do!! You are worthy and deserving of happiness…no matter what!!

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”


*photos by: Torri @torriandelin

Remember that YOU ARE AMAZING!