We’ve touched on this briefly before, but I wanted to go into it again. This is something that has bothered me for a long time…people not accepting compliments!!

Accepting what others see as your strengths is crucial to your continued growth. Compliments are a gift. They are an opportunity for you and another person to connect in a powerful, positive way.  – – Rhonda Britten

For the most part I believe compliments are offered genuinely (and even if they aren’t you accept it anyway because it is probably true!!) and because others really do see something worth acknowledging. So why do we have such a hard time accepting compliments? We actually don’t believe we deserve it or we don’t want others thinking that we really do think that our traits are worthy of compliments-you know we don’t want to appear conceited (because somewhere out there it became not ok to acknowledge your own strengths and positive attributes unless you can explain it with sarcasm, good lighting, the wonders of makeup, a good deal, great hair stylist, or it merely being a fluke and it will never happen again).

We don’t believe the compliments because so often they differ from the internal conversation we have with ourselves. Remember… if you hear, say, or do something often enough it soon becomes your reality. If you are constantly telling yourself you aren’t this and you aren’t that, when someone tells you that you are you are going to have tons of evidence stored up to prove them wrong. Am I the only one that finds that terribly sad? We would rather fight to prove we don’t deserve the compliment that just kindly accept it and add a little light to our confidence fire. There is nothing wrong with being sure of yourself and knowing that there are good things about you!! When you see those good things and acknowledge them you are in a much better place to do good!

I love that quote up there!! Sharing compliments can bring people together and strengthen those around us!! A compliment can bring people together!! So please don’t make excuses when someone compliments you. A simple thank you is all it takes. And keep telling yourself that you are amazing, strong, beautiful, and deserving!! Every compliment you accept builds your confidence, so start by complimenting yourself! Look in the mirror and say “I love myself because…” and fill in the blank.

Be grateful for your unique attributes and talents. You do have a lot to offer and it starts with accepting that simple truth!!

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”