Hotmess workouts are hard…that may be an understatement. We are constantly pushing ourselves and each other to do more and push harder than the last workout. Slowly increasing our strength and endurance, as well as increasing our mental strength. Physical strength is great and helps us do so many things, but mental strength is perhaps even more important.

We all know our bodies are capable of so much! But how often do we let ourselves give up? How often do we stop before we are done because we think we can’t go any further? Our bodies are strong, but our minds need to be even stronger. I’m not just talking about during a workout here, I’m talking about every day life. There are always hard things to be done and if we haven’t worked on building mental strength we will quit before we see the reward. I see it with kids all the time. Something is hard and they say they can’t do it and so they don’t even try. So important that we build that mental strength, that push to conquer anything so we can meet the struggles of life and come out on top!

Mental toughness is when you find fuel in an empty tank!

It happens in Hotmess too. We are faced with a difficult workout and we may push ourselves for a time, but when we get to that fourth quarter and our muscles are tired we have to call on that mental strength to keep going. And guess what…when the mental strength is there to push you your physical strength rises to meet the challenge. I see it all the time!! We give up physically before our bodies are truly done. When we work on being mentally strong we can push ourselves further than we thought possible!!

So how do we build mental muscles? It starts with fighting the urge to give up, push yourself beyond your “limits” and remind yourself that you are amazing! Increasing the challenge and fighting to overcome it! Repetition…keep telling yourself you are mentally strong, amazing, capable, grateful, and ready for all the hard things! You have to fight to ignore the voice that tells you you aren’t strong enough and believe the voice that tells you you are!

Being mentally strong is so important during a workout, but also during the daily struggles that we come up against. Problems with a co-worker…mental strength will help you smile and be kind. Dealing with mischievous toddlers…mental strength helps you take a breath and jump in with love. Fighting with a spouse…mental strength helps you see the other side of things and fosters compassion. A huge project due at school…mental strength helps you discipline yourself to prioritize time and do what needs to be done. We work on our mental strength during workouts so it is there for us when we need it during the daily mental workouts!!

Give it a try!! Say “I’m amazing!!” “I can do hard things!!” “I am mentally strong!!”

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”