Last week we made the commitment to be happy, patient, kind, and understanding. At least I hope we all did. Can we talk about being kind for a minute? It is so important.

Every one of us are fighting battles that others know nothing about. Those battles can wear us down, maybe contribute to a short temper, and make it hard for us to live life the way we would like to. Even though we commit to being happy and all those good things, none of us are perfect and we will have some bad days. And what about all those that are struggling to make that commitment? Life could be even harder for them. Which is why I want to talk about being kind.

We never know the struggles others have been called to walk through. Plain and simple, we don’t know. And even when we think we know, we probably don’t know how deep the struggle goes. Every one of us has been in a place where we are asked to do the hard things, and the kindness of others makes all the difference.

So when you see someone having a hard time- perhaps a poor attitude, rude behavior, or short temper- remember to be kind. You don’t know the battles they are fighting. Perhaps, for them, a little kindness could be the difference between falling back on old addictions or staying on the path of sobriety. Maybe your kind word helps them see their life is worth living. And maybe your soft answer to their anger shows them that there is good in a world they had given up hope on.

Please choose to be kind, for your kindness may just make all the difference!

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”