What are you worth? Have you ever thought about that question? I think whether we realize it or not we have gone there. And sadly many times we decide we aren’t worth enough to try harder, eat healthier, or fight for our own happiness. I have found that many women don’t believe they are worth fighting for or that they are worthy of health and happiness. They don’t feel they deserve to feel successful. They don’t see their own worth.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The world would have us think that worth is decided by what someone is willing to pay. A house could sit on the market for months because it isn’t worth what they are asking for it. Or at an auction, the worth of an item could end up being much more because others are willing to pay a lot for it. Every purchase we make we are weighing the worth against the price. If we want to look at worth that way a big part of me seeing my worth comes from my knowledge that my Savior paid the ultimate price for me in giving His life that I might be saved. I know religion isn’t for everyone, but it is hard for me to argue that I am worthless when there was one that was willing to die for me because He saw my worth.

If we take the price one is willing to pay out of the worth conversation how do we decide what we are worth? How do we convince ourselves that we are worth the work and the effort to create a happy and fulfilling life for ourselves? It starts with one step. Make a choice. Choose to believe your worth far exceeds any number you could put on it. Decide you are tired of living a life of sorrow and just surviving and do something about it. It starts with you believing me when I tell you that your worth is not defined by choices you have made, mistakes you regret, things that have happened to you, or what anyone else tells you. Your worth is defined by the greatness that is within you. We all have it. I don’t even need to know you to know that you have it too. Your worth is beyond anything you can comprehend and I want you to live a life that reflects that!! Remember those beautiful declarations we talk about so often…“I am amazing!” “I am enough!” “I am strong!” “I am worth it!” … they can be hard to say, but the more you say them the more you believe them. It is true! I have experienced it and I have seen many go through the same transformation. So choose to believe (you can believe me and soon you will know for yourself) that your worth is priceless!!!

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”