Lets just start with some Pregnancy TRUE or FALSE real quick:) ok just TRUES!

TRUE-each pregnancy is different, very different

TRUE-symptoms each time around are little stronger haha a lot stronger

TRUE- The baby bump shows sooner each time around! it sure does!!!

Not gonna lie my 1st baby MAJOR: was really really hard on me mentally and emotionally especially because i was still recovery from past eating disorders and just taking the steps to LOVING ME! I also had quit dancing for the 1st 6 months and that DID NOT HELP , i don’t recommend ever quitting something you love.  thanks to my hubbsty he helped me love myself again and encouraged me to DANCE this is when i started KALAMITY dance KREW back up !

2nd baby LEGEND: i was a physically “baby sick” pretty much the whole time:( and because my Uterus is SUPER TIPPED 3 months in i had to have a catheter to help me pee for a couple weeks…pure awesomeness! Can you imagine i was teaching dance walking around with a pee bag connected to my leg!! lol

3rd baby MAZE: shoot! i was a ROCK STAR jk haha no but really  the whole pregnancy was rockin i had opened The Vault dance studio here and was Dancing a TON!!! Felt like a million bucks and was never sick!!! i was exhausted the first trimester! Thats when i got on Herbalife to help me with nutrition and energy because i was teaching so much and it helped me out a ton! Kalamity put on 6 concerts that year and we were dancing a ton! i performed 4 days before i had Maze and performed 5 days after!!! CRAZY!! MY pregnancy was so amazing we had to name him A-MAZE!

NOW BABY #4 i knew something was up when my boobs were killin me and still are!!! I’m actually a full A cup now:) hahah Then when we went on our cruise in January i was out by 5:30 every night!!! We missed the fancy dinner every night, wow poor Andy:(!! Then my exhaustion level was like i ran a marathon every day!!! My eating habits went from green smoothies and shakes in the morning to “GREEN SMOOTHIES, HECK NO” what the…Andy called it but i wasn’t a believer because i didn’t want to get my hopes up! Funny story: his mom actually called Andy back in December upset that we didn’t tell her we were pregnant but we weren’t (at least we didn’t think we were) she said she had a dream that we named him “Wulsteinhuim”lol Well she was right… BUT not on the name”Wulsteinhuim” 🙂 then my last final call before i took my test was i walked into a grocery store and all i could smell was PICKLES and i wanted a freaking PICKLE!! I was walking around the store asking the workers “do you smell pickles?”  they thought i was crazy!!! Well a week later the test confirmed it, it was TRUE baby #4 was coming! We held out to tell everyone and our boys but when we did they didn’t believe us at first but now they are convinced and Andy has told them to call the baby “Rambo” we are excited to see if “Rambo” or “Rambalina” will be joining our crazy crew! Maze is also convinced that I ate “Rambo” thats how he got in my belly 🙂 I’m excited to enjoy the moments of pregnancy and embrace my body that will be the instrument in taking care of our little one! so #blessed our Family is Growing!