Sometimes the greatest rewards in life come from doing the things that scare you the most.

We all have those things that scare us, right? It isn’t just me, is it?? You know the things I’m talking about. The things that leave us totally vulnerable and out there for every one to see. The things that take us so far out of our comfort zone that we can’t even see it. What if we said yes to those things? What if we took a deep breath and decided that we weren’t going to let our fear and insecurities hold us back? What if we broke out of that box we are in and dared to put ourselves out there? What if??

Too  often we shrink back and let our fear, self doubt, and insecurities win. We run away from the things that scare us because we worry about what people will think or that we won’t be good enough. What if we took back our power?! I’m talking looking fear right in the eye, stepping around it, and heading upward to freedom!! Freedom from self-imposed limitations. Freedom from the weight of carrying the perceived judgements of others. Freedom from that box we crammed ourselves in.  Wouldn’t that feel great?!

Take the challenge! Every time you feel like saying no because you are afraid or worry about what people will think, or because you don’t think you will be good I want you to say yes. Public speaking…yes. Dance on stage…yes (my Hotmess sisters know what I’m talking about). Model…yes. Dress in the clothes you really love…yes. Open a business…yes. Introduce yourself to someone new…yes. You see what I am getting at right? I want you to let go of the things that hold you back and say yes to the things that will open you up to happiness and freedom!! Living in a box isn’t fun. Living a life lacking in confidence and full of shame isn’t fun. Choose to say yes and let the freedom in!! Say yes and begin to feel that confidence creep in!! Choose yes and let the shame fall to the floor!! Say yes and watch as you become to truest version of yourself.

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”