We’ve all heard the phrase that beauty is only skin deep. What that means is that the beauty a person possesses goes no further than the surface. A beautiful face to present to the world, but totally shallow and devoid of authenticity on the inside. That isn’t true beauty. True beauty is found in all the little quirks and unique things that make us who we are. What makes a rare piece of art priceless? The differences. The things that set it apart.

I used the word authenticity up there. Do we know what that really means? It means that we shed the fake and strive to be true to who we are. True to the beautiful being that lives inside our skin. It means that we wake up every morning and instead of being the person we think the world wants us to be, we be the person we know we are. The world would have us believe that we need to fit a mold and live up to ridiculous standards. The pressure to be perfect comes from everywhere.

What if, for a day, you decide to forget what the outside is telling you and you listen to the inside?

There was that movie where the bride would always run, leaving her grooms at the alter. She ran because she didn’t know who she was. Every time she got into a new relationship she would alter herself to fit who they were. She didn’t even know how she liked her eggs. It wasn’t until she took the time to sit down and figure out what she liked, who she was, that she could truly be happy.

This time Hollywood got it right. You can’t fit your (insert your name here) self into a Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Martha Stewart, neighbor up the street, or big sister mold. We just don’t fit. Those molds make us feel uncomfortable, unhappy, and struggling to find our place. True beauty is in our talents, our gifts, our personality, our likes and dislikes, our opinions, our growth, our creativity (or lack thereof), our strengths, our weaknesses… To be truly beautiful, and I’m talking beyond the surface beauty, we accept that we already are beautiful-just the way we are.

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”