Guys, bananas!! Who doesn’t love bananas? Well I am sure there are a few out there, but for the most part we love bananas! And lucky for us, bananas are very healthy! We buy bananas in bunches and they are the perfect portable snack. Sweet and healthy!

Most bananas we buy start out a little green. Green bananas are great for insulin regulation. When greenish the bananas take on the characteristics of an insoluble fiber. The starches pass through our digestive system unchanged and helped with gut health. Underripe bananas also contain more fiber.

The real magic happens in a ripe banana. The more spots the better. In these ripe bananas we find a higher content of what is called TNF. TNF stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor. Which basically means that it fights against abnormal cells (cancer cells). Pretty cool right?! As bananas ripen they also increase in antioxidants. And ripe bananas help our bodies produce more white blood cells! Ripe bananas also increase our immunity against colds and the flu. Scientists have compared the health benefits of ripe bananas to green bananas and guess what…ripe bananas are like 8 times healthier!!

Here are a few more benefits of eating ripe bananas:

They help calm heartburn, lower blood pressure, boost energy (so eat a ripe banana or two before a workout), help with anemia, alleviate ulcer pain (they coat the stomach and protect against acids), help with depression, constipation (bananas have FIBER!), nerves, PMS, and body temperature control. Pretty cool huh!!

So the next time your bananas start turning brown and spotted don’t throw them out! Eat them up for a much needed boost to your health and immune system!!


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