Today is Valentine’s Day!! How are you going to show love for those special people in your life? How are you going to show love for yourself? Can I make a suggestion?

Be forgiving!

Forgive yourself when you fall short. Forgive yourself when you stumble. Forgive yourself when you don’t reach a goal. Forgive yourself when your nutrition isn’t what it should be. Forgive yourself when you snap at the ones you love. Forgive yourself when you choose to take care of yourself instead of everyone else (we feel guilty even when we shouldn’t…). Forgive yourself when you say and do awkward things. Forgive yourself when there are dirty dishes in the sink. Forgive yourself when your kids walk out the door with messy hair and mismatched socks (matching socks are overrated). Forgive yourself when you choose sleep over working out. Forgive yourself, always. Holding onto the guilt and harsh thoughts is far more detrimental than the original offense.

It seems that we are a lot harder on ourselves than we are on others. Right? If a beloved friend had dirty dishes in their sink we wouldn’t judge them as lazy and a slob. We would be understanding because we know they have kids, a job, responsibilities, and things pulling them in a million different directions. So give yourself the same compassion. If your sister didn’t reach a particular goal would you belittle her and make her feel terrible about herself? I hope not. I hope you would encourage her and help her work harder to reach the next goal. Do the same thing for yourself, please.

Forgive yourself, you are not perfect. Show yourself grace; you are still learning. Show yourself patience; you are on a journey.

We are all just doing our best. Your best is different than your neighbor’s best and that is great! Everyone doing their own best is a beautiful thing! It was probably Oprah that said when we we know better we do better. How true is that?! We are all just learning and growing and doing our best to figure out life.

So be kind to yourself! Forgive yourself! Love yourself!

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”