“I’m a sexy beast!” We say it all the time at Hotmess. We lock eyes with ourselves in the mirror and with a smile we proclaim it! Why do we say it? Let me tell you.

The world, magazines, movies, and social media would have you believe that being sexy is all about how your body looks and how much of it you show. There are pictures everywhere that support this claim, just search the right hashtag. While I am supportive of health and fitness and working to create a body that is fit, I have a hard time with the idea that it needs to be showed off with barely there clothes to prove it.

At Hotmess we stand strong in the belief that being sexy is so much more than physical appearance. Being sexy is about confidence, posture, believing it, and attitude. Can you be sexy without having washboard abs and buns of steel? You betcha!! Can you be sexy without showing as much skin as possible? For sure!! Now, I’m not trying to say that those things are bad, by any means. You do you. I just want us to look beyond the skin definition of sexy and see that beneath the skin, that’s where the real sexy beast lives! It is the confidence, the inner strength and attitude that feed that sexy beast.

So when we yell “I’m a sexy beast” it isn’t because we are trying to boast or draw attention to what is on display. It is to remind our inner beast that it is ok to show up. That being sexy is more about confidence than it is about skin. That how you hold yourself means more than whether or not you have the “perfect” body. We show ourselves that it is ok to let the beast out and embrace the confidence, the attitude, and the belief. When we see ourselves in the mirror proclaiming we are sexy beasts we are reminding ourselves that no matter how our bodies change the inner beast can still be the same. You see, it isn’t about sex. At Hotmess it never has been. It is about being comfortable with ourselves and not feeling like we need to hide because we don’t fit the hashtag.

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”