A mono meal is when you eat one type of food at a time, with no food combining. So like a breakfast of only watermelon or peaches. Lunch could be just pears and mangoes for dinner. You just pick a fruit (or veggie) and eat til you are full. The idea is that we take a step away from the complex meals we are used to eating and embrace simplicity. A mono meal is so much easier on our digestive system and gives our body a short break from the hard work of digesting meals full of harsh food combinations. I wouldn’t suggest prolonged mono meals, but a meal or two here and there is a great way to flush out your system.

Let’s talk benefits of a mono meal. Besides the ease of digestion there are a few other benefits. Like less bloating and decreased water retention, over a period of time clearer skin, mental clarity, improved mood (I mean that is a given when you think about the tummy troubles that will be avoided), and when you spend the time to prepare and eat a simple meal I can only imagine the gratitude that will grow for the simplest things and the balance and connection you will feel with yourself. You will recognize when you feel full better than if you are mindlessly eating. It is also a good way to see how your body reacts to certain foods. If you suspect a food allergy mono meals are a great way to get to the bottom of reactions to foods.

We want to get back to eating more wholesome and healthful foods. We are surrounded by so many complex and processed foods that a good mono meal here and there is a great way to clean out and nourish your body.