Everyone is always welcome at Hotmess!

Hotmess is a judgement free zone and we don’t care what your fitness level is or how fit you are. We just care that you are there with us! You just have to be motivated to change your life from the inside out! It doesn’t matter if you used to come and then quit. If you want to come back we will welcome you with open arms! Remember…no judgments!

Now we understand that not every one can be in the studio with us, and that is sad. It would be the greatest thing ever if everyone could experience Hotmess in person! But since that isn’t an option right now we have online videos that we can send to you. It does take a little extra motivation on your part, but if you are willing to give 100% to your Hotmess workout you will see changes happen. It is amazing what happens when you begin to accept just how flawsome you are!!

“I am starting to feel better about myself! I love it! I’m feeling more positive too! And looking for the positive! I am for sure doing a second session! I’ve even rearranged my front room and told my husband it’s so we have room to do Hotmess!!  Thank you for your support Tia! It’s so helpful to have a support system!”   –Chelsey D.

So bottom line is I don’t care if you have been with us and left, if you have never been before, or if you are currently sweating with us…you are always welcome!! I want to spread the message of Hotmess! I want people to love themselves and see how blessed they are! I want people to see that they already have every thing they need to be happy! Embrace the fact that you are perfectly imperfect and start to see yourself the way others see you, because you are amazing!!

If you want to join us at Hotmess with an online subscription click here. You will get 8 weeks (a different workout each week) for $35, that’s a screamin’ deal!

If you want to join us in the studio email fitness.hotmess@gmail.com for information.

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”