This is something we love at Hotmess…choosing produce over processed!!

So what does that mean exactly?  Well, it means that before you reach for the processed food and ingredients you go for the produce first. Produce being fresh fruits and veggies, natural whole grains, and any whole food you can think of. Raw is best, but any time you use them you are doing good for your body! Now this doesn’t mean you adopt a strict vegan diet. It just means that you eat the good stuff first and then decide. It is important to remember that when choosing produce first you can eat a lot more. So don’t worry about limiting your intake, fill your tummy up! You can eat as much as you want!!

earthyandy issued an inspiring 21 day challenge for choosing produce over processed and for those of us that have accepted it has been amazing! She says it best so head over and read all about it!! You can also follow @earthyandy on Instagram for motivation and healthy ideas!!

So take control of your health and what goes into your body!! Make good choices and be proactive! Like we talked about last week, working out is only a small part of being healthy!!