Have you heard or seen the rice experiment? You know the one…two jars with rice are set on the counter. One jar is told nice and loving things while the other jar is told mean and hateful things. Do you remember what the jars looked like weeks later? The love jar was still bright and still looked like rice while the hate jar was all mushy and dark and without a hint of any rice-like qualities.

Let’s just for a minute take the jars out and put our bodies on the counter. Each time we see our bodies we can either say loving things or we can say hateful things. What condition will our bodies be in weeks or months down the road if we send them hateful thoughts and words? We may be in poor health or just feel tired and in a funk. Our bodies may even be mushy like the hated rice. It may seem extreme to think about, but I guarantee it happens more often than we would like to admit or even realize. Each and every thought we have affects our bodies. Even the tiniest ones. Say you notice a small wrinkle and you sigh and frown…You have just told your body that it isn’t good enough.

Your body hears everything your mind says, so be nice.

We all do it. We all think those thoughts, big or small. The challenge is when those thoughts happen we take the time to correct them. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we see that smile line and say thank you for all the things I have had to smile about in life, I am truly blessed. When we catch ourselves complaining about not fitting into our jeans we stop and tell our legs, booty, and hips how grateful we are that we have them. Grateful for the blessing they are in our life because we know that there are those that are without.

The goal is that, in time, those positive loving thoughts come first out of habit and that we eliminate the negative and fill ourselves up with the love. We want to treat our bodies with love and kindness so that over time we have a healthy body instead of a mushy one.

Jen “Hotmess Hottie”